Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KCL Reader Challenge: Idaho Food Bank

Hunger Statistics
  • 79,183 Idaho children (21.24%) are food insecure, the 6th highest rate in the country. (Feeding America) One in eight Idaho children – 52,500 – go to bed hungry every night
  • Two of every three people who rely on the Foodbank are either children too young to work or seniors who have worked most of their lives. In fiscal 2008, agencies supplied by the Foodbank served children 372,975 times.
How Can we KCL's Help?

Become a Volunteer

Great Family or Church Group Scavenger Hunt Activity

Cash Donations

**Donate our Couponed Non-perishable Items!**
The longer you've been couponing, the better stockpiled you will become. I for instance have salad dressing coming out my ears and the Kraft dressing is only .08 cents this week at Walmart after using the $1.50/1 coupon from this week's inserts. I can buy my dressings and donate them to the Food Bank!
Or you can still buy coupons on ebay for the Post Cereal. Get an extra 20 coupons for $2.50 on ebay, then buy 40 boxes, it'd cost you only about $13 and you could donate 40 boxes of cereal to the food bank!

Here's the Food Bank's list of things they like to see coming in!
• Tuna
• Peanut butter
• Dried beans and peas
• Canned meats
• Dried meats

• Cereal
• Crackers
• Rice
• Oatmeal
• Pasta

• Sugar, Flour, Oil
• Instant Foods (nonperishable)
• Snack Foods
• Cleaning Supplies
• Personal Care Items

I’ve been emailing with David Proctor, Director of Communications and he said toiletries are in high demand speaking generally, said, “If it will help people, we’ll find a home for it.” So all you toilet paper snobs- go get your free Scott's Toilet paper (read how here) and then donate it!

Drop Your Food Donations Here
Here is a list of our year-round drop sites for any non-perishable food donations.
Thank you for helping our Idaho families.
• Boise Co-Op - 888 W. Fort St, Boise
• Video Memories - 4504 Overland Rd, Boise
• YMCA -1050 W. State St, Boise
• All Idaho Youth Ranch locations in Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell

Let's be a force for good. Please leave a comment and let us know if you'll commit to fight hunger in your community!


bladbox said...

I have an over stock of Cream of Mushroom and Chicken soup. I would love to donate it! I would have a hard time getting to any of those listed drop offs. My cross streets are Meridian Rd and McMillian. Where can I drop it off?

Joanie Demer said...

bladbox- It looks like your nearest drop off point would be the Youth Ranch on Main St in Meridian. Thank you so much!

Brittany Iverson said...

You girls are amazing. What a graet idea!

Monica said...

Thanks Joanie this is really helpful. I sure hope the lady that bought 4 carts full of cereal at Albies on 10 Mile and Cherry yesterday is planning on doing this with some of her cereal! There is no way her family could eat all of that by Jan. I love that you guys find out great ways to give back. Keep up the good work.

andrea.roche said...

great idea joanie. tell me where u got those coupons on ebay? Which coupon is it specifically that works on the Albies deal?

Its All Good Ya'll said...

You have talked about buying coupons on ebay several times. I am so skeptical of buying things like that online, I don't want to get ripped off. Can you give us more information on how to buy coupons smart on ebay? PLEASE!?

Joanie Demer said...

Andrea, here's an item number of a good auction for post cereal coupons.
I just click the ebay icon on our sidebar and then paste the item number into the search bar.
'It's all good ya'll'.
I'll work on a post about how to best buy coupons online today or tomorrow. I think that will help a lot of people, thanks for the idea.

queenprice said...

My family has been donating our extra couponed items for a while now. I know how good it makes my kids feel to know they are helping families less fortunate. Thanks for doing this on your website.

The Hendricks ID said...

Hey thanks for the idea to include our kids too. I know when I stock up on stuff I do it because it is a great deal but sometimes I get more than we need, we have way too much toothpaste and shampoo and probably cereal popcorn oats soap deoderant ect. ANyway thanks for the post I didn't realize Idaho was in such need.

Family said...

It's all good ya'll....... eBay is a great way to buy coupons! I've been buying them off eBay for over 4 years and have had zero issues. I can normally buy 20 coupons for about $1.00-$2.50 with free shipping.

Niki said...

I scored the free Pert last week at Albertson's and also will donate the free Glucerna cereal to the Idaho Falls food bank, and encourage others in my area to do the same!
A hint...I keep a Sharpie down in my storage room and I put a tiny "C" on the package for items I get for Free. Then I send the kdis down to hunt for the "c" items (c for Charity) for the scouts and food bank. They get to experience giving, it's great to watch.

Susan said...

I bought cereal with the $2 IP coupon. I paid about $3 for 12 boxes. My checkout lady asked if the cereal was really that good and I said, "I don't know--I've never had it. But, I'm planning to donate it to the food bank." A couple people commented on how they hadn't thought of that, but it would be worth it since it was so inexpensive. I was thrilled to pass on that mindset!

Niki, I'm confused about the "c" technique. It seems like once it's in your pantry, it's all free to give (or use). I usually donate whatever I can see we're not using.