Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Okay folks! Here is one of the "krazier" deals I have seen!!! My husband and I just went to our new dentist and they were great! AND, I worked a deal with them for all of you.

Dr. Clark at All About You Dental wants to hook you up! (Dr. Clark’s wife is a fellow KCL… so he knows all about printing coupons at work and all the other “sacrifices” husbands have to make to be living with a KCL!!!) Anyways for a Limited Time He is Offering This Deal that's great for Anyone without Dental Insurance:

-New patient dental Exam (Reg. $39)
-X-rays (Reg. $90)
-Cleaning (Reg. $65) Does not include periodontal treatment.
-Professional Teeth Whitening (Reg. $350)

This is a $544 value and he is offering it to KCL readers for only $49!

That’s almost a $500 savings!

(limit one per household)

But what if you have dental insurance you ask???

Try this on for size….

When you come in and bill your insurance for these services:

-New patient Dental Exam

You will get FREE Teeth Whitening for Life (as long as Dr. Clark is in practice and you maintain your 6 month visits) OR a $100 credit, good towards any Dental Services performed at Dr. Clark’s Office.

Free Whitening For Life?!?! Sign me up!!

Offers are good now through April 15th

So! Call now to schedule your appointment! (208) 938-8228 www.allaboutyoudental.com


Also- I just have to add- I HATE going to the dentist (but shh... don't tell Dr. Clark!....) I really, really hate it! Thus the reason I hadn't been in almost 2 years! But I will say I LOVED Dr. Clark and his staff! Brian, his dental hygienist was awesome and gentle and didn't scrape my teeth too much. Call now! You won't regret it!


Unknown said...

That is totally awesome. Do I just pay the $49 up front to get the deal?

The Daley Fam said...

Dang! I REALLY wish he had an office in Utah! That's a killer deal and I'm due for a visit. By the way I've been secretly stalking you for quite some time. I LOVE your blog. Thanks for all you do!

bladbox said...

I have already left an instant message via email on their business line! All About You Dental has a very nice website. Very impressed. I'll let you know how the appointment went! Very in need of this one. Thanks KCL!

The Barkers said...

Wow! I can tell they will be super busy soon! Just came from walmart. The kraft dressing coupon from the last Sunday paper... it's $1.58 for the 16oz there and with the $1.50 off coupon its .08!!! yay for savings!!! Of course you can all do math, that's without the tax!

The Barkers said...

ha ha! Just read your post about the dressing! Wish I would have read that BEFORE my last post!What a fantastic deal huh!

Brian and Cristeen said...

Hello, I'm Brian the Hygienist mentioned before... it's a GREAT deal that Dr Clark is offering (I can't beleive everyone that's already called from this blog!). After meeting Heather I had to view this blog, it's great! I'm now a Krazy Coupon Guy!!! (938-8228 is our office #, hope to see you soon!)

Andrea said...

THIS IS AMAZING !!! I'm seriously freaking out...I need a life. haha

Chris and Nichole said...

Thanks so much for this awesome deal!! My husband will be there bright and early next Thursday morning!!!

Chatty Natty said...

Dr Clark is awesome! For 8 years I had this UGLY gap between one of my teeth and slight discoloring from all my other teeth. He worked his magic and now my teeth are perfect! I've never been more excited to show those pearly whites before and don't care what angle the camera comes! Even better, my nieces and nephews dont comment on my ugly tooth as soon as they can utter a word!

This is a fabulous deal...wow!

bladbox said...

I had my appointment today with Dr. Clark. It went very well. The staff is very friendly. I was suprised to have a male hygentist...he was excellent. I recieved a full cleaning, x-rays, exam, and was cast for my professional teeth whitening trays all for just $49. I put the $49 dollars on my Care Credit card! What a deal.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the GREAT feedback everybody!

I must admit I have REALLY gone out on a limb here. I have NEVER offered as crazy a deal as this one. My wife has been having so much fun with all of these great deals, she suggested I throw in a great deal of my own. I do have to say that my staff and I are REALLY enjoying meeting all of these KCLs! I think it's accurate to say that I'm now officially a Krazy Coupon Dentist. We are looking forward to meeting so many more of you soon!

Taylor Clark, DDS
All About You Dental

sleepless_mom_of_4 said...

I have been putting off going to the dentist for a while now because I already have so many medical bills. But this one I can not afford to pass up!

Thanks for having this website. I have 6 people in my immediate family, but because of the economy and job loss my husbands income is now helping support 12 people. I need to stretch $$ as much as possible.

Dean Family said...

I hadn't been to the Dentist in over SEVEN years, so I was all over this deal when I saw it. I went in yesterday and had a wonderful experience! Brian was great at cleaning my teeth, didn't hurt at all and he was thorough! Dr. Clark was very kind and Carol the receptionist was great! What a comfortable office...plus I had NO cavities, can you believe it?!
Thank you soo much for sharing this great DEAL!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds affordable and I heard many people love Dr. Clark services. I'm so excited to grab this opportunity. I'm just hoping that your be my dentist for my monthly dental check up. I've seen this post when I'm surfing Aspen Dental