Monday, March 9, 2009

Let's Sweeten the Deal!

Update on the Mott's Applesauce at Target
Go here for a $.55/1 printable
Stack it with the Target printable for $1/1
Walk away with $.16 Applesauce.
Thanks to DealSeekingMom for the update!


Brittany Iverson said...

call me heath!

The Givens Family said...

You beat me to this one!! I was just going to post this. Thanks for always being one step ahead Heather, love ya for it!

Matt and Paula McKinlay said...

FYI...As of April 1st, Albertsons will no longer be taking competitor coupons (ie Walgreens RR, Target, Fred Meyer coupons). Bummer! If you have some you plan to use, make sure you get in there this month!

Cynthea said...

Thanks Paula thats to bad

For now can someone explain the policy of how to get them to accept an RR and if they accept both a competitor coupon AND a manufacturer and if so how many in a transaction.

for example could you buy 5 applesauce using 5 printables and 5 target coupons and pay for it with a walgreens RR ( I wouldn't do this because it just sounds evil but it is the best example I could come up

The Givens Family said...

Cynthea...That scenario would definitely work. Not evil at all! They'll accept all of those so why not use them all in one transaction! There is no limit to how many they'll accept. As of now, their policy states they'll accept any competitor. Go try it out, it'll work just fine.

Becky T said...

Ok, so I'm new to couponing here, so this may seem like a silly question...but will a regular Target take the SuperTarget coupon (we only have regular Targets where I live, but I know they have this applesauce)? Thanks in advance!

Tamra said...

I am almost positive Target will accept Super Target. It's essentially the same store.