Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lots of Awesome Printables!!

For any of you just getting into couponing, Remember to buy the smallest allowed size the product... This will maximize your savings!!!

$3/1 Tums Dual Action

$1/1 Skinny Cow

$.55/1 Silk Soy Milk

$1/1 Mission Tortillas (you have to take their survey)

$1/1 Hershey's Bliss

$1/1 Simple Green Cleaner

$3.50/1 Purina Dog Food

$2/2 Purell Hand Sanitizer

$2/1 Seventh Generation Wipes


Jilene said...

can someone tell me what the "Walgreens Coloring Book" is? I went last night and asked, and the nice lady sent me to the coloring books. I'm not sure that's what I wanted. Then I asked the assistant manager and he did not know what it was. I also asked for the coupon book at the Pharmacy for the discount off the diapers and they didn't know anything about that either. Are they playing dumb or am I?

Heather Wheeler said...

Jilene- It's a little book, back by the Pharmacy. There is usually a stand with a sign about the pharmacy or somthing, and then down on the side you will see them. I had the same experience a few months ago, and when I found it none of them new there were there, or that they had coupons in them. Hope this helps! I wish I still had mine so I could take a picture to post....

Starnes fam said...

The coupon for the diapers is not in the coloring book. It is in a red flyer (it is a piece of paper folded into thirds) that you have to ask for at the Walgreens pharmacy. The front says "Thank you from Walgreens" and it has $50 worth of savings in it.
I was able to pick up a couple of the coloring books over at the Walgreens off of Eagle...over by Kohls. It has some really good Johnson and Johnson coupons.

Jilene said...

I got that Thank you from Walgreens red 3 fold, but mine doesn't have the diaper coupn in it. are there different books?

Jamie said...

I am not sure which stores take coupons that are printed from the internet. Some stores tell me I can't use them. Could you post something that would say which stores take them and which ones don't??? Thanks!

The Givens Family said...

Jamie....Walmart, Walgreens, Albertson's, Fred Meyer, Target. Hope that helps.

Heather Wheeler said...

Also see this post:

Starnes fam said...

Yes..there is an old red booklet without the diaper coupon in is the brand new one that you want. I had to have the lady take the clear wrap off of the ones they had behind the counter.