Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Albertson's Deals

At Albertson's this week, there is another Kraft Promo (see details here)
When you spend $10 on participating products you save $3 instantly.
Tomorrow (Friday) an additional Catalina starts, so if you buy :
4 Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kits or Shells
A $3 Catalina (good on your next trip) Will Print.

Here's a couple examples of scenarios!

Buy 4 Taco Bell Dinner Kits (at$2.50) = $10.00
Save $3 Instantly = $7.00
Then after you pay a $3 Catalina will Print
= $4.oo for 4 kits or $1 each!

Buy 5 Taco Bell Taco Shells $1.00 = $5.00
Also buy 2 Kraft chunk or shredded cheese 6-8 oz. 2% Varieties $2.50 = $5.00
Save $3 Instantly= $7.00
Then after you pay a $3 Catalina for the Tacos will Print AND
A $1 Catalina for the Cheese will Print!
= $3 for 5 packages of Shells and 2 packages of Cheese!!

(the cheese catalina ends on 3/29)


Anonymous said...

when does the catalina for taco bell item end


when do the catalinas end with the taco bell items

Heather Wheeler said...

The Catalina Offer for Taco Bell ends 4/19, but the sale price ends on Tuesday

Heather Wheeler said...

PYP says that the Taco Bell Catalina will print when you purchase Kits or Shells, but my sister told me one printed for her when she bought other TB products. If anyone has any lucky report back!

Emily said...

Heather--What other TB products did she buy, do you know?

Heather Wheeler said...

Emily- I just emailed her to find out. I will keep you posted!

Emily said...

If this helps anyone: someone in the PYP forum said that the Taco Bell refried beans also trigger the catalina offer, but not the salsa.

FYI--Eagle/McMillan Albertson's was out of the shells this afternoon, but still had a few of the dinner kits left.