Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pepsi Roundup

So, has anyone else been holding on to your B2G1 free Diet Pepsi coupons, in hopes of a screaming deal?  Well I have, and there are three different stores offering sales on Pepsi products this week--Target, Walgreen's and Albertson's--so how's a girl to choose?

I did a little math so I could compare all three sales, and here is what I found:

Target's sale: Pepsi 12-packs 5 for $15 (or $3ea), get a $5 gift card when you buy 5
(6) Diet Pepsi @ $3ea (you have to buy 6 in order to use (2) B2G1 coupons) = $18
use (2) B2G1 coupons (so minus $3 and $3) = $12 OOP
Get $5 gift card, factor in, = $7 for 6 12-packs, or $1.17 per 12-pack!

Walgreen's Sale: Pepsi 12-packs 4 for $12 (or $3ea), get $3 Register Rewards back
(6) Diet Pepsi @ $3ea. (you have to buy 6 in order to use (2) B2G1 coupons) = $18
use (2) B2G1 coupons (minus $3 and $3) = $12 OOP
Get $3 RR, factor in, = $9 for 6 12-packs, or $1.50 per 12-pack

Albertson's Sale: Pepsi 12-packs 3 for $12 (or $4ea), in-ad coupon for 12-pack for 2.97ea., limit 2
(2) Diet Pepsi 12-packs @ 2.97ea. (use in-ad coupon) = $5.94
plus (1) Diet Pepsi 12-pack @ $4ea. = $9.94
use (1) B2G1 coupon (max value 3.99), so minus 3.99 = $5.95 for (3) 12-packs, or $1.98 per 12-pack

So Target is the clear winner in the Pepsi sale challenge!  Go get yourself some cheap soda gals!


Janelle said...

Where did you find the b2g1 coupon?

Heather Wheeler said...

It was available last week, but unfortunately there are no prints left! Darn.

Lanes said...

At Target, it's the 8 packs of pepsi, not the 12 packs. You buy 6 (8 packs) for $15.

Lanes said...

Nevermind! That's only in California.

The Hendricks ID said...

Hey there are also 1.00 off of two coupons I got at Walgreens last week I bett hey are on others too, so that will be way cheap! It's pepsi products right?

Emily C. said...

yep--12-pack cans or 6-pack 24oz. bottles of Pepsi products are 5 for $15, get a $5 gift card back.

I don't know if you can use the $1/2 coupons as well as the B2G1 coupons, the most I figure you could use is 1 (but you're essentially using them on the 2 free packs, so it will be up to your checker, probably.) But if you have all those coupons, it's worth a try! Let us know if it works!

The Hendricks ID said...

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