Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who humored me- with the random newspaper giveaway/contest last night.
I must have been feeling a little krazy!

Leah who said... "Are you talking about Walmart?"
Was the first to read my mind correctly! Although all of you gave it a solid effort!

Leah, email me ( your address and I will get those off to you!


Leah said...


The Hendricks ID said...

Hey I didn't ow where to comment because I didn't want to comment so hopefully someone will see this. I haven't received a walgreens easy saver rebate card in the mail so i was talking to the customer sefvice, anyway I asked if they were fr sure discontinuing the rebate program, she said there are rumors flying around nothing is confirmed but if they do they will replacce it will something else, so that was comforting. Anyway just to let everyone know.

The Hendricks ID said...

Oh one more thing.
Cash and carry has 40lbs of boneless skineless chicken breast for 52.00
It comes frozen in 4 10lb sacks but Steph told me that she just put hers (when she got some last year) in the sink until she could break them apart and then put them in ziplock baggies in small amounts.
If you want to let people know I think that is a great deal!