Saturday, March 7, 2009

Restaurant.Com 50% off

Not as good as the 80% off sale last week, but I love this program so much, I think I might go ahead and buy one $25 gift card at the $5 current rate. Seriously the Ono Hawaiian Cafe's pulled pork was ridiculously good! I've been thinking about starting a restaurant review blog of the participants. Would any of our readers be willing to submit reviews of the restaurants on's participating list? There are many places I've never visited and I'd love an honest review before I head out.
Enter Promo Code: CHEF at checkout
  • Here's my review of Ono Hawaiian Cafe:
  • The chef gets all 5 stars, I don't even like pulled pork, but I will order nothing else when I go back, it was AMAZING!
  • The wait staff gets like 2 out of 5 stars, at one point (on a Monday night) we were the only one's in the restaurant and she still got my husband's order wrong.
  • Price: The sandwiches are like $8, so do a double date if you don't have grown kids. You could feed all four people for the $35 minimum order and then split the bill. Cheapo! Kids Menu items were $5.


Kelsie said...

Is there a code for the five dollar deal?

Sarah & Eric said...

I'll submit reviews. Hubby and I love trying new restaurants!!

Joanie said...

Sorry I forgot the code- kind of an important detail! It's CHEF.
I've started work on a reviews blog for the ada/canyon county area. Once I'm finished I'll link it on KCL and I'd love you to submit reviews of where you've eaten! Thanks!

alysia said...

I'll ditto Joanie's review of Ono...the service isn't fabulous, but the food is AWESOME. Ryan and I got their platter with like 4 different meats and it was SOOO good. We're looking forward to going again sometime soon.