Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shhh... It's A Secret

Apparently, Old Navy has a "Secret Website" with in store coupons and special sales. Last week they had a limited number of $75 off $100!! Holy Crap!
Word is they update the coupons on Thursdays so check it out here

Thanks to SavingwithShellie for the info!


Joanie said...

It's for real. And it was a secret- thanks a lot Heather! Just kidding! If anyone gets one of the $75 off $100s be sure to leave a comment! They also have $50 off $100 and other good ones!

Heather Wheeler said...

Were you holding out on us Joanie!?

Joanie said...

I guess I was, I still don't always think to post my non-grocery deals. And maybe I wanted to get a $75 of $100 all for myself- Wa ha ha ha (evil laugh)!

The Evans Family said...

Thanks for the info!