Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunflower Farmers Market

One of the questions I am asked most is, "Can you still eat healthy or do you have to start buying packaged food." YES, you can eat healthy and still save money! In fact, we don't eat prepackaged foods or snack items. We let our 2 year old eat fruits and veggies for snacks and home cook all our meals. Of course there are some exceptions like cereals etc. Like I have said before, if you are in Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona or Colorado check to see if you have a sunflower and start saving!

I love that sunflower has a lot of produce, meats, specialty items etc that are usually more difficult to find. They have healthier meats like ground chicken or turkey or sausages, Bison, all different fish etc. The best part is that everything is so fresh and high quality!

Here is what we got today:

Broccoli crowns $0.42
save $0.23
Strawberries 8@.99 $7.92
(1 lb containers) save $ 20.00
Raw Shrimp $3.89
save $3.74
Boneless Lndn Broil $3.74
save $7.63
Boneless Lndn Broil $2.38
save $4.85
Lemons (2) $0.50
Eggplant $0.77
save $0.11
Blackberries $3.00
(2 containers) save $2.00
Kiwi Fruit (5) $1.00
save $0.25
SI Orchard Cherry $0.39
save $0.30

Item SUBTOTAL $24.01
Green Bag store discount $0.10
(If you use a cloth shopping bag you get extra money off)
Subtotal $23.91
Tax $0.72
Total $24.63

SAVINGS $38.42


Sharee said...

Where can I find the Sunflower market? Is it a store? Where is it located?

Carrian said...

If you are in Utah then Sunflower Farmers Market is off University in Orem. Right across the street from the University mall, next to Sconecutter and Einstein Bagels. There is also another across from Fashion place up in Murray. If you are in one of the other states check for a location near you. (I sound like a tv ad haha)

Bambi said...

Thank you for this post. This has been one of biggest complaints to myself, that I have been feeding my family prepackage food that normal I would not. Only because they are on sale. I hope to find a Sunflower Market in Boise area.