Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Utah Savings

If you live in Utah and need to get going on food storage now is the time! Maceys is having their food storage AND case lot sale. Make sure you head over to stock up on things for 50-75% off!! I love that you can buy things all ready for your storage like, 45 lbs of wheat in barrels, potato flakes, dried fruit etc.

Make sure you also run over to Sunflower in Orem or Murray. If you haven't been yet you are missing out. It's like Utah's version of Trader Joe's! It's the only place we buy produce because it's such high quality and their sales always beat everyone else. (I know Buy low has everyone all excited, but really the quality is so so terrible) Every Wednesday they double the savings so you get to buy things from the previous ad and the current week! They have great sales like 4/$1 Avacados, .88 Asparagus, .49 Roma Tomatoes etc and their organic goes on sale for way cheap too!!

Happy Shopping!!


alysia said...

Rock on!!! Thanks, my sister is coming up in about a week....maybe I'll have her haul some food back for me :)

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies! Check out because they are having a sale on they're food storage shelves and cans too!!