Monday, March 2, 2009


I did my Walgreen's shopping trip today. It went great. It was very helpful to know that the cashier needs to put in the MFG coupons before the Walgreen's coupons other wise it will not work. After auguring with her about it she did it again and it worked.
Something else I learned that you may or may not already know is...If you have more than one item for the Walgreen's coupons in the saving book. You do not need to do separate transactions.

Example- I bought 3 Garnier Fructis hair products. There is a coupon for them in the Walgreen's savings for $2 off one product. (plus I had 3 MFG coupons from the paper) I thought they would need to ring up three seperate transactions. But the cashiers rang them up in one transaction and scanned the coupon once and it took off $6. ($2 for each bottle).

This may have already been mentioned in the great tutorial about Walgreen's but I missed it and thought other may have also.

So far one of the MOST IMPORTANT things I have learned is Do not be afraid to question the cashier and have them redo things. Stand up to them if you know you are right or have them explain it to you. It's your money!


fiveatwoods99 said...

I'm confused because when I went, it wouldn't work to use the manufactured coupon first. I had to do the Walgreens store coupon and then the manufactured. I have done it this way several times. Maybe its just different stores.

The Givens Family said...

Each store can be different in the order your coupons need to put in. Which store were you at?

Anything but normal said...

I am new to your blog! Love it! Thanks for sharing your money saving tips. I check every Monday for the RedBox code too. Thanks for sharing!

Bambi said...

I am sorry I did not mean to confuse anyone. This is how it worked for me at the Chinden/Eagle Walgreen's. It is a little frustrating that it is not the same at all the stores.

Bambi said...

....and maybe it is different when using the Walgreen's savings book coupons.

Me again said...

It is SO important to question cashiers and double check your receipt!

The other day I was shopping at Albies and not only did the cashier forget to make sure I got my free pop tarts, she forgot to take a whole $5 + box of cereal off of my receipt (got wrong size accidentally).

I had to go to the customer service desk twice.