Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm so sad that Walgreens is ending their rebates. I was told it was because of all of the complaints to corporate. Darnit!! This month so far we will be getting $15.00 back. Last month it was $7.70 and here is how we used it.

M&M Mlk Chocolate $2.50
M&M Mlk Chocolate $2.50
Wrgly WFrsh Gum $1.29
Charmin 6Roll $5.29
Charmin 6Roll $5.29
Alwy Liner $3.79
Alwy Liner $1.89
Charmin 6s -$3.60
Alwy Coupon -$1.00
Wrgly Coupon -$1.29
Charmin Coupon -$1.00
M&M Coupon -$1.00
RR -$3.50
RR -$3.50
(I had orginally give 2 additional coupons for Alwy $0.50 and Charmin $1.00, but removed them so I could use my RR)

TOTAL $8.72
Rebate Gift Card from Last month $7.70
Total Due $1.02
Total Saved $17.79

This is why I'll be so sad when rebates will be gone.


Liberty said...

Have you heard when they are ending? It is very sad.

Carrian said...

This is the last month so you can still get March rebates, but in april it's over

Kristin said...

I hate the new cash rewards thru walgreens. They will not print out if combined with coupons and they are not good about taking them. I don't think they are better than the rebates. I loved the rebates but the cash rewards are the pitts. If anyone knows a better way of using them help. Walgreens is bad about them.