Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome Newbies!!!

We've had a few comments about Newbies and I wanted to jump in on it! First of all, I understand the term "Newbie" to mean someone who is New to Couponing... or "Coupon Virgins", as I have lovingly referred to them. I personally, love helping people learn the couponing ropes and hope this blog is helpful in that!

I think we can all have happy coupon experiences if we remember a few basic rules.

1. Play Nice. Be courteous to your cashier, managers, and fellow shoppers. -It's okay to question what a cashier is telling you and to ask for clarification from a manager, but be polite. - If you need to clear the shelf of an item, consider asking to special order. -If you are going to be doing multiple transactions, shop during the slow hours and let other customers go in front of you in line.

2. Follow the Store Policies and the Individual Coupon Rules. Don't expect stores to bend their rules or make an exception for you. Respect the Expiration Dates, Quantity Limits and Manufacturer's Rules. Most of the time, Stores will treat you with respect when you treat their store policy with respect.

3. Be Prepared. Your couponing experience will go so much more smoothly if you prepare for your trip by making a list and grouping your coupons together. It's amazing how much nicer I am if I am not stressed about getting all my coupons together come check out time.

4. Conduct yourself so you wouldn't be embarrassed if you ran into an old friend or church member. I have heard storied about women racing for diapers or even grabbing them out of other shoppers baskets or hands. Don't be that shopper. They give everyone a bad name!


MKB said...

Okay so I have to give props to a cashier at Albertsons on Eagle and McMillian. I went and did the buy 3/$5 cereal to get free milk and I got one box short of cereal to get 3 gallons free. The cashier was so nice and gave me ALL four gallons for $.48. What a freakin nice lady. I LOVE ALBERTSONS!

The Barkers said...

I'm glad you wrote this. I have almost felt,by some comments, that "newbies" aren't welcome. Though I can completly understand you all wanting people to be considerate. I would hate for stores to start being strict on the account of some peoples attitude. Thanks for the post. Some of us "newbies" are grateful to have come across this blog and are thankful for all the wonderful cashiers and managers out there! Thanks for all our hard work.

The Barkers said...
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Monica said...


Carrian said...

Thanks for this post. I think it's so so important. We were actually in Meridian 2 weeks ago and I was shocked how my mom and I were treated at walgreens and even more shocked about what he said about "couponers" as I was wlaking away. It made me wonder what happened to make him not be able to "stand" us couponers. So important to go by the rules and be courteous people. Good post!

Angela said...

Amen to all, ladies! I hope the ones that needed to read this post, did so! My Walgreens employees at TenMile/Cherry in Meridian are not as friendly as some others, so I've wondered if they've had bad experiences with some couponers. I love the Wags on Fairview/Locust Grove- That older guy with the long hair and beard is so nice. And I love the Albies on Meridian Rd/Cherry too. Thanks for all of your great posts, KCL! Love you!! XO