Monday, March 30, 2009

Winco Cereal

I know you are all probably going to have way too much cereal after this week's Albertson's sale, but in case you are looking for variety- here's a great deal! Thanks to new reader Christine for emailing us!

"I kinda stumbled upon a good deal you may want to share with everyone- at least I think it is a good one! At Winco the Chex cereal is marked at $1.78 and on the front of the box is a coupon for $3.00 off the purchase of 3 boxes. So that brings the box down to $0.78 each!
I went to the Winco in Eagle and the display of the Chex cereals in by the produce, not down the cereal aisle. I don't know how long the deal lasts, but I stocked up a bit!"

Thanks, Christine! And good luck as you become a Krazy Coupon Lady! Your first step is definitely to get a subscription to the Sunday paper. If you live in West Ada County or Canyon County- there is a great deal on the Idaho Press Tribune... Call Greg at 208-870-2784 and tell him KCL sent you!


Melinda said...

What about us Ada county people? When I called the paper they said they could deliver 4 Sunday papers for $4 a week. Not even as good of a deal as your $13/month deal. Any suggestions

Chelsea said...

speaking of getting good deals on the Sunday paper, anyone know anyone in Davis county, Utah area giving good deals? Just thought Id ask!

Thanks KCL for teaching all us newbies!

Heather Wheeler said...

Melinda- I would call Greg at the Press Tribune and see if he delivers to your area...
-If he doesn't there a kiosk in the Boise Mall (up by Build A Bear and Children's Place) that offers a really good deal on the Statesman( I think 60 cents per paper), you just have to pay in advance for as many weeks as you want... and you can get up to 4 per household. Hope this helps!

Chelsea- I have not heard of any Davis Co deals, but I would call your local paper and ask if they offer any "coupon deals" for the Sunday paper! Good Luck!

The Coe's said...

Does anyone know if the Chex Cereal deal is at other Winco's? I tried the one on Fairview in Boise, they do not have Chex on sale at all!

Emily said...

It was not on sale at the Fairview location, or at the Meridian location as of yesterday. So I headed down to Eagle last night to get some. Every single box of cereal has a $3/3 coupon attached, so you end up with more than you need, but my checker told me she would keep scanning them as long as the register accepted them (theoretically, I should have been able to use 8! I got 24 boxes (24 x 1.78 = 42.74, 45.29 with tax), and was able to use two more coupons than I expected (10 total), making my total coupon savings $30. 45.29 - 30 = 15.29, divided by 24 boxes = .64 per box. Better than I expected! And I still have 14 coupons left over for future use!