Monday, April 27, 2009

Albertson's Ad Preview

Go HERE to see the Albertsons Preview,
courtesy of Pinching Your Pennies
Check back soon for my list!


Erin said...

Niice new banner!

Anonymous said...

I may be blind but it doesnt look like Idaho has updated for the new ad.. still showing this weeks?

The Barkers said...

Can't get the tree top ip to print! Anyone else having problems?

Anna said...

It just worked for me. Maybe try again?

Anna said...

Pattie, Idaho's doesn't show as soon as Utah's so I check Utah's on Monday. It isn't always the same, but can give you an idea.

Niki said...

Hey all, a heads up on the Mission tortillas. I tried to use the dollar off Mission on the .97 tortillas...the checker was super nice and asked me to use either one or the other (the manufacturer OR the store coupon). She said Albertsons statewide are trying to get their coupon policies more consistent and they don't want to give an overage on the Mission Tortillas or give them away for free.
So, what I did was used the manufacturer coupon and got a buck off of each, paid .50 each, which is still a great deal.
(This was at the West Broadway Albertsons)