Sunday, April 5, 2009

Albertson's Doubles Again!!

Here are some good scenarios to use your double coupons that same in the Sunday's paper!

Dole pineapple 20 oz., mandarin oranges and tropical fruit 15-15.25 oz. $1.00

Use the $.55/2 from 2/1 or 3/29
Or Use the $.55 printable (it will take a minute to print...)
Also use the Doubler Coupon
Final: $.45
Dole Mandarin Oranges or Tropical Mixed Fruit, 11-15oz (Pineapple not included)
Buy 3 get .75 OYNSO
Offer ends 3/24/09 (This offer has expired, but there are reports that it's still working!)
If anyone gets this to work, we'd love you to report back! Thanks!

Kelloggs Cereal $1.99
Buy 7 and Get 3 Gallons of Milk for Free (on your next transaction)
Use the $1/1 from 4/5
Also Use the Albertsons Doubler

uerrero tostada shells 24 ct. $1.99
Use the $1/1 printable
And the Doubler
Final: FREE

Knorr/Lipton sides 4-6.4 oz. $1.00
Use the $.75/2 from 1/18
**Extra promo: Buy 10, get $5 off fresh or rotisserie chicken.
-- or just take the $5 credit to make your total less!!**
Use the Doubler
Final: $.25

Red Baron Classic, Stone Hearth, or Thin Crust pizza 14.76-22.63 oz. Limit 4 $2.77
Use the$1/2 from 1/11 or 3/1
And the In Store Coupon
And the Doubler
Final: $1.77

Dial liquid hand soap 7.5-11.25 oz. or Dial Basics bar soap 3 ct. $1.00
Use the $.35/1 from 3/8
Use the Doubler
Final: $.30

Buy 2 Lysol Disinfecting wipes 28-35 ct. for $2.50 each
Use 2- $1/1 from 3/15
And the in-store ad
And use the doubler
Final: $1.00 for 2 plus 1 dozen FREE EGGS (up to $2.00 in value!)

I think at my Albertson's location (in Emmett) I saw the Eggo Waffles for $1.67
Use the $.75/1 from 4/5
Use the Doubler
Final: $.17

And of course, the Post Promo will be an even "Krazier" deal with those doublers!

Check back for more deals, I will add them as I find them! If you find something- leave a comment, and share the love!!

Thanks to PYP for help compiling the list!


andrea.roche said...

Heather. CAn we only double ONE type of coupon per shopping trip or transaction? I thought Joanie had mentioned this so I'm confused. Can I not use all 3 of the doublers on 3 of the same post coupons?

Heather Wheeler said...

Andrea- you can double any three, same or different!

Mallory said...

I live in ogden, and I got 2 of the sunday papers but I'm not seeing the albertsons doublers. should they be in all papers, or does it vary by region?

The Scott Six said...

I went in yesterday and and bought 3 mandarin oranges and got the 75 cents OYNSO for the mandarin oranges. AND I also got 1.00 off my next purchase of 5 dole mandarin oranges. This was in Utah though...

Jilene said...

The .75 catalina IS still printing as of Friday.

Sanford said...

Ok..I'm really new to this couponing thing...I just got two news paper and can not find the Albertson's doubles coupon. Am I over looking something? I'm in Utah and not sure if that makes a difference?

Heather Wheeler said...

UTAH KCL'S I heard rumors that the Albertson's Double coupons got pulled from your papers... Maybe next week for you! Sorry!

Ms. JoAnn said...

I went to Albies on Thursday in Boise and I bought the oranges and also got the 75 cent OYNSO with the $1 coupon also. Another good deal is the Lipton sides are 10/10 and we have 75 cent coupons off two in this weeks inserts, so if you use your doublers that make them a quarter each and then after you buy ten you get the $5 off chicken.

Amber said...

I am in Nampa, I did not see the Albertsons ad in my Idaho Press Tribune at all. Should it be in there or is Canyon County different? Can someone tell me where it should have been? Thanks

Anna said...

Amber, The Albertson's doublers are in the Press Tribune. They are part of a single page insert that says "3 Day Sale" I already pulled mine out, so I'm not sure of the exact location, but they are there unless your paper got missed. If you can't find it, call the office tomorrow and they will either bring one out or you can pick one up.

mamikake said...

I am also new to this coupon adventure and I am wondering if any store takes expired coupons?

Niki said...

I got up at the crack o'dawn and used my doublers on toilet paper...the Scott's Extra Soft...2.15, coupon $1 off printable or from SS a couple weeks ago...three 4-roll packs .66!!! Love the doubler!

Paula said...

I didn't find the Kellogg's coupon in the Idaho Statesman coupons. Anyone in the Treasure Valley see these? I'd love free milk AND cereal!

Jilene said...

your link to te .55 fruit isn't working... can you fix it?

MacLerran Family said...

Were the Albertson's Doublers in the Idaho Statesman - if so where?

Julee said...

I didn't see the kelloggs cereal coupon or the eggo coupon in the statesman inserts? did anyone find them?

Gena said...

I couldn't find the Kellogg's or the Eggo coupons in the Idaho Statesman either. I'm also not locating the one for the B1G1 Schick razors. Heather or Joanie - are the ads different in the Statesman vs. the Press Tribune? I'd really love to find these coupons!!

Mike and Kerry Fuller said...

Does albies double IP's and is frosted flakes part of the Kelloggs sale?

Heather Wheeler said...

mamikake- I am not aware of any stores who takes expired coupons... at least in the Boise area.

Paula and Julee- I don't see the Kelloggs or Eggo's coupons in our inserts (in Boise) :(

Sorry Jilene- the link should be working now!

MacLerran- They were mixed with the other ads, by one of the inserts. It's a single page...

Gena- All the ads that are in the Statesman should be in the Press Tribune. If you think you missed one, give them a call to clarify and they will bring you one the next day...

Kerry- Albertson's will double IP's and I believe Frosted Flakes are part of the sale!

Letia said...

I only had the Albie's coupons in 2 out of my 6 papers, which bummed me out! But, for those looking it was in the inside the cartoon section next to the shoe carnival ad.

Anna said...

Letia- I don't know if you subscribe to the Statesman or the Press Tribune, but call and let them know that you didn't get all your ads. They will let you go pick them up. No reason to waste those doublers!

Gena said...

Heather - can you explain why the Boise/Meridian people didn't get the Kellogg's and Eggo coupons and everyone else did? I'm confused why the coupons would be different in the same general area. I understand regional differences, but it would seem to me that people in Caldwell would be getting the same as Meridian. I'm really bummed!

Joanie Demer said...

Did some of our Caldwell KCLs get the Eggo and Kellogg's? I'm really surprised by that. I believe all the coupon inserts are the same by region, like you said. If you can confirm that Caldwell received them, I will look into it. What newspaper in Caldwell?
For now I'm going to buy my Kellogg's and Eggo coupons online. Sorry for giving us all false hope! Utah Kcls got the Eggos but no doublers, I guess it's a trade off. :(

Gena said...

I was just using Caldwell as a poor example - I have no proof! =) So, did our entire area not get those coupons?

Amber said...

Just to let anyone else missing the Albertsons ad know - I called the Idaho Press Tribune and they said this happened to a lot people due to an equipment problem. The lady was very nice and said the re-delivery person can bring them by today if you need, or if you can wait 'til tomorrow, they will come with your paper tomorrow. If you did not receive your ad, just give them a call. And just a quick question: does anyone know of any stores than have Trail Mix Crunch in stock? Thanks!

andrea.roche said...

No Kellogs/Eggo coupons in Caldwell.

busymomof04 said...

I didn't have the kellogs/eggo coupons in my idaho press or statesman papers and I live in Nampa

Becca said...

They will redeliver if you are missing an add? Really? Wow! I didn't know that and I am missing the Kelloggs coupons as well. But before I call, did anyone get those in the ID Statesman?

Another bonus on the Knorr deal, they qualify for the $20 rebate off a ham through unilver.

The Hendricks ID said...

They will redeliver if you are missing an ad not a coupon our area DID NOT get kellogs and eggo coupos, they don't rediliver for a coupon you think you are missing.