Saturday, April 4, 2009

Boise Bargain Basket

My sister told me about this new Boise store so Alysia and I checked it out (with our husbands) after enjoying dinner at Ono Hawaiian Cafe (they are across the street from each other on Broadway). We found some great bargains, including a HUGE bag of Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids at $1.68 for 60 ounces! Our husbands were in sugar heaven! Check out my blog for some fun photos of our finds. Let us know what you find!


Heather Wheeler said...

Swedish Fish! I know someone who is probably on their way there as I type! Great find!

TheTalkingTurtle said...

Lots of unusual foods here! Some interesting bargains to be found but you must know products/prices to make it worthwhile!

The huge bag of swedish fish & sour patch kids for $1.68 is great if you don't mind the expiration date being from half a year ago or at least that's if I interpreted the code correctly! :-)

Fizz carbonated waters for .60 cents is a good price (or .50 if you buy a dozen or more!) but the date on the bottles Dec '08 made me think otherwise.

This store is in the place where the former Trading Places consignment store was. The cashier did say lots of folks were coming in to buy swedish fish because of some web site. :-)