Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buying Newspaper coupons online

If 10 newspaper subscriptions isn’t in your budget, if you don’t have time to clip or file all those coupons, you can buy pre-clipped coupons online. In order to be successful in doing this, you’ll have to stay ahead on store’s upcoming deals. The first day when they store releases their ad (usually Sunday) you’ll have to plan and find the coupons you want to buy and purchase them quickly so they can arrive in time for you to spend them. Sometimes a store will sell out of the item you bought coupons for before they arrive in the mail. One strategy to avoid this is to ask your store if they will pre-order items for you and hold them for you to pick up on a designated day before the end of the sale period. (We cannot pre-pay for the items when they’re not in the store, this constitutes fraud, but we can legally have items ordered in and held if the stores are willing)

Even if you have multiple subscriptions and you’re organized, buying coupons online is a great supplemental tool. When I see an especially good sale (example: Post Cereal), I love to buy 20 extra coupons online to build up my stockpile for that item. (I pre-ordered 60 boxes of cereal on Tuesday and it'll be in my local Albertsons tomorrow morning. No gambling for me, I'll go right down and pick it up tomorrow.)

You may be saying, is that legal? Definitely. As long as you are paying a handling fee for the clipping of the coupons and not paying for the actual coupon itself, it's completely legal. Most coupon clippers charge between 3-10 cents per coupon in handling fees. This is not as bad as it may sound, considering that you will be saving far more than that once you use the coupons.

Buying Coupons on Ebay:

Check seller feedback score.

Always check shipping costs.

Pay attention to the expiration date.

Make sure you give enough time so you receive your coupons before the sale is over!

Just use the Ebay icon on our right sidebar for a quick and easy way to buy from ebay.

The Coupon Clippers is another good source to buy coupons online.


Brittany Iverson said...

Sounds familiar ;)

Amber said...

I am a newbie with a question. When a coupon states that you get "this off" when you purchase (for instance)Cheerios 8.9 oz, kix 8.7 oz etc, does that mean that you have to buy only that size? You can't buy bigger and have it count?

Melissa said...

how long does it usually take to get your coupons once you oder them? Also where in the world do you store 60 boxes of cereal????? =)

cynthea said...

It sounds like you use the "buy it now" since auctions often run several days etc. I have had good and bad success buying coupons off of ebay. Make sure you really communicate with the seller the minute you purchase it let them know you really need it quickly for a sale.

Joanna said...

You can search for specific coupons (if your a brand snob like me) and then sort by distance. I've always received my coupons 2-4 days after I paid for them and even my favorite East coast clipper will ship them out the very same day.

Another great tip is to check out the blog to see future Wags ad's and try to buy or get coupons that "match up" to in store coupons or that are in the little book in the front of the store. If you plan it just right you will be ready to hit the sales and get some great items for next to nothing.

Happy hunting!!

Joanie Demer said...

Cereal is easier to store in cases and if you pre-order in large quantity that's what you'll get. My family is in between houses right now and we're living with my father-in-law so I'll be putting 60 boxes of cereal in storage for two months. Ha! That's a bit ridiculous, I realize, but the expiration dates I'm getting are mostly early 2010, so there'll be plenty of time to eat it all. I love all these post cereals, my husband would rather eat trix, these Post Selects are right up my alley.
Joanna, You're spot on with 2-4 days ship time. I just got my post coupons in 3 days. Make sure you communicate with the seller and let them know you need the coupons in a hurry. And thanks Joanna for helping out by answering a fellow KCLs question. I love it when we help each other!

ajj said...

thecouponsmaster is also another good one! I order my coupons by Thursday and I receive them by Monday! A great strategy for stocking up! YES!