Friday, April 10, 2009

Cheerleaders Sports Bar and Grill Review 3¾ out of 5 stars

The second Restaurant.Com restaurant KCL had the opportunity to review is. . .
"A wonderful grilled burger and fajita smell hit me as I pulled into the parking lot and made me want to step inside"

"Great food and lively atmosphere. I would love to go for a BSU game night!"

"If you like a sports bar type of atmosphere and need to watch a game that you might not be able to get on your television at home then this is surely the place for you!"

Atmosphere: 3 ¾ stars out of 5

N: Very clean and comfortable. Fun sports oriented atmosphere. Loud on game nights. I would not go looking for a romantic evening or if you had a ton of small children but if you are looking for a place to watch the game or have a fun night out with friends it is the perfect place. Every booth even had its own TV screen which was great for getting a close look at the game. And the TV wasn’t distracting even if you didn’t want to watch it. The waitresses were in cheerleading outfits which is what I expected but most were properly covered on top which was nice.

C: Well done for an upbeat sports bar; very loud and lively! Our booth was comfortable and felt private enough despite all the commotion going on around us. The stereotypical décor is very much geared towards guy-friendly, from the sports memorabilia to the muscle car in the entry to the spandex waitresses in referee outfits. They’d score another star higher in this category if they allowed the waitresses to sport more tasteful attire. But, just to be fair, why not have male servers dressed in degrading spandex outfits?

Family Friendly: 3 Stars

N: I did bring my 10 month old and they did have highchairs but I think he was the only child there. I think it is a great place for older children and families but like I said before probably not if you have a ton of small kids.

C: I would bring my teenage kids here (mostly because they would appreciate the expansive menu) but this didn’t strike me as place I’d bring younger kids to.

Service: 4 stars

N: Great service especially for a busy night.

C: The waitress was very knowledgeable about the menu. It was obvious she had tried many of the entrees and spoke from experience. During our meal we often saw the manager passing by. After dessert he talked to us at our table. It was obvious that he is very confident about the food and the wait staff.

Food: 4 stars

N: The menu was great, so many options to choose from. Even the pickiest eater would be able to find something great to eat. I was a little disappointed in my steak. It was not very flavorful or tender. However, it could have partially been the way I told them to cook it. Everything else was wonderful. I especially loved the asparagus that came with my meal. It was perfectly cooked and so flavorful. It was nice to have something different then a plain ol’ mixed veggie option. And I loved the fried snickers bar!! So fun and different. Very rich but the ice cream helped cut the sweet. It is also a great place for appetizers.

C: They have an appealing menu with lots of creative salads, standard burgers and sandwiches, and a diverse range of meat and seafood entrees. There’s also a nice selection of specials.

We ordered two appetizers, Asian Skewers (off the regular menu), and Irish Nachos (one of the specials). The Asian Skewers were four pieces of grilled chicken that were nicely cooked and had a terrific spicy sauce to dip into. The Irish Nachos consisted of a decent portion of lace cut potatoes with melted cheese, scallions and chunks of smoked bacon, like a cross between potato skins and nachos – very good! The waitress declared “Not healthy for the body but good for the soul!”

Our four entrees included Teriyaki Salmon, Steak and Gorgonzola Pasta, and two of the specials: a Filet Wrapped in Bacon and Garlicky Shrimp, and Alaskan Cod and Chips. My fish was very crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. Not your standard frozen slab of "square" fish that many institutions try to pull off! These were pieces of contorted looking fish that were the real deal! The waitress was happy to substitute a plentiful portion of onion rings instead of fries, too.

Price: 4 stars

N: Good prices. It was what I expected this type of restaurant to have.

C: We commented about several items that were so reasonably priced, especially the entrees! The Asian Skewers were a bit on the expensive side for the small portion of chicken but the sauce made it almost worth it! My Alaskan Cod & Chips meal was exceptionally priced, around $8.00! Desserts were moderately priced; many around $4.99.

Overall: 3 ¾ Stars

N: Fun place to go. Great food and lively atmosphere. I would love to go for a BSU game night! And I would definitely go back with my husband or a group of friends.

C: A wonderful grilled burger and fajita smell hit me as I pulled into the parking lot and made me want to step inside! Symbols on the menu point out the more popular items at Cheerleaders. This is often a nice helpful hint of what is tried and true, and many folks appreciate that sort of thing, not to mention this is a very unique, as well as clean restaurant. If you like a sports bar type of atmosphere and need to watch a game that you might not be able to get on your television at home then this is surely the place for you!

Cheerleader's owner would like to add, "
We are very family friendly as a matter of fact we get a lot of families everyday. We are the place to go in Meridian. Not only the average sports guy but women, families with kids of all ages, school teachers, senior citizens and everyone in between. In fact over the last year we had over 150,000 paying customers come through our doors ( that says a lot in itself ). We pride ourselves on giving the best product,service at the best price and with the best atmoshere possible. MY RATING IS A 5"

Thanks to our authors Nikki and Cheryl for conducting the review!

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TammyP said...

We went and used on of the certificates. We had 8 adults so we had one of the larger amounts. I thought they might roll their eyes, but they were very kind and very helpful. The food was mighty tasty. My brother loved the French Fries. They have some sort of 'batter' on them. They were pretty good. I agree with the other review, the asparagus was delicious!!! Crunchy, yet soft and well seasoned. Our waitress was super cute and fun. She also was very knowledgeable. We will definitely go back. I also agree that it is not much of a kid atmosphere.

Cathy said...

I went there too (with my cert) - with my hubby. I must state that the majority of the waitresses there could have been covered up better. I was uncomfortable. Luckily, our waitress wasn't exposed. It was very loud, and there was some sort of party going on that reminded me of the "club" atmosphere. I don't even remember what I ate or if I liked it (we went in January). But I do know I won't return again. Just not the kind of environment that I care for.

I DO hope you'll be reviewing Asiago's soon because I think that place was TO DIE FOR!!!

Nicki said...

We have been to Cheerleaders several times and have never been disappointed. The fries and onion rings are fantastic!!! The atmosphere is exactly as you would expect. Granted, I'd like longer skirts on the waitresses, but overall it is a fun place to go eat. Recently we went with a group of 10 and used our gc. Our waitress was great, too. I'd recommend to anyone!