Saturday, April 25, 2009

Couponed Baby Shower Gift!

Tammy wrote to us with her latest coupon adventure:
I had some fun yesterday and I'm pretty proud of myself with this gift that I put together for our friends who are having a baby.

So yesterday I set out, determined to buy all my baby stuff for a basket I'm going to make with coupons for everything. Here is a breakdown.

Huggies Diapers
$9.97 Had a coupon for $1.50 off
Huggies Wipes (2)
$2.28 used (2) .75 cent coupons
Huggies Travel wipes (8)
..97 and used $1.00 off coupons (FREE)
Huggies bath wash (1)
$3.00 at Albies, used $1 off and doubled
Huggies bath wash (1)
$3.16 at Walmart, used $1 off
Huggies lotion at Walmart (2)
$2.77, used $1 off of each
Johnsons Lotion at Walmart (1)
on rollback for $4.00, used $2.00 off of one
Johnsons Travel Lotion at Walmart
..97, used $1.00 off of one (FREE)

For the clothing. I got $10 off of anything at Kohls in the mail last week. I found stuff on sale.

Carters outfits (2 pack)
Regular $22.00 on sale for $9.90

Carters hat and gloves
Regular price $15.00, on clearance at 90% off for
= Total OOP at Kohls $1.48

Then I bought a nice basket at Goodwill $3.00

I also bought a card and bag to go over the basket at the dollar store for $2.00

So, my total price for all products at regular price, including tax $84.16

My OOP total with coupons is $25.95

WOW!!!! I usually spend $25.00 on a baby gift anywase, and look what I was able to accomplish with my coupons. I think our friends will be very happy!


Jessica said...

That's amazing! I wish you had been my friend when I was pregnant!

Heather Wheeler said...

Seriously! Way to go!

heidipgale said...

Sweet deals. I also wanted to let everyone know that the Albertsons on State and 16th in Boise had a rack of clearance items including TONS of Huggies Clean Team items (wipes, body wash, shampoo, hand soap etc).

The Cashmere Bunny said...

Wow, I just came across your wonderful site. I am the co owner of 3 baby sites. Would you be willing to accept donations for this awesome basket?

Welch Family said...

Another great idea that I have done is to make a diaper cake. With the great deals on diapers and baby toiletries, you can make a gift the mother to be is sure to need and love! My recipients were tickled with the creativity and thoughtfulness. It was so fun to make and easy to purchase. I saved a lot of $$$. Plus, for these moms it was their 2nd or 3rd child, so really all they needed was the toiletries. Google diaper cakes and you will find some amazing stuff out there.

TammyW said...

Dear Cashmere Bunny,

I think a donation would be great. Although I'm reluctant to take one, since I'm always the one donating. Our friends are having there second baby, without a baby shower. I guess people don't have one for the second. There son is 4 years old and I think they are needing lots of stuff. Thanks, Tammy

The Cashmere Bunny said...

Hi Tammy,
What is the sex of the baby and what are the items they particularly need? When running baby stores, we have a lot of "extras." We do embroidery on layette sets and sometimes there is a mishap and we have to restart on another layette leaving pieces of sets left over. We always try to donate these because they are perfectly good items that mothers can use. We always do our best to recycle, reuse and donate :) You can email details at and we will get a box out to your friend right away :)

Special said...

Its really very good to hear all coupons of kohls here.