Monday, April 13, 2009

Donnie Macs Trailer Park Cuisine Review: Almost 4 stars

I really think everyone needs to try Donnie Macs- I loved the atmosphere, it was so fun! The food was good and I loved reading through the menu, very clever! Plus, I have been craving their Sweet Potato Fries since we went there. So yummy!. If you go, be sure to get an extra side of Trashy Sauce!

Dear Donnie Mac,

I recently visited your triple wide awesomeness and wanted to congratulate you on your trashy charm. From the D.I. sofas, to the shower curtain decor, I felt right at home sweet trailor park home. When I sat down at my plastic tablecloth and lounged back into my bench on wheels, drinking one of your delightful fizzy beverages straight from the bottle felt like a dream. Learning to read was surely one of the best things Ive ever done, because your menu full of hilarity and buttermilk battered, deep friend delights made my stomach AND my eyes react in visible joy.

My sandwich was just the right amount of batter to chicken ratio, and once I doused it with a healthy dose of 'trashy sauce' I couldnt wait for it to drip straight down my wife beater. The sweet potato fries and magical sweet sauce were the perfect balance of unique and tasty, and for the life of me I cant figure out how you got a potato to taste that way! My favorite part you ask? Forget the bland healthy lettuce on my sandwich, heap on some of mamas juicy cole slaw!

My only regret is not wearing shorter shorts or a tankier top (while 9 months pregnant with my 5th child) in order to take advantage of the ol' jalopy photo op in true trash style. I cant believe how much the car in the middle of your restaurant looks EXACTLY like the one I was born in! Coincidence! Next time, Im bringing my boyfriend Joe Dirt and he can grab me inappropriately in the back seat *gigle giggle* while we share some frozen custard.

Thanks for the eats yo,
Sincerely, Shonda May

Atmosphere 4 ¾ stars
Fun and Creative atmosphere and decor. Sit at a booth, table or even in an old car!
Family Friendly 4 ¾ stars
Kids would enjoy this place. Ideal for school aged kids. My two year old would have had trouble wanting to explore everything, especially the old car with seating for 4. If I go back with him, I'll have to call ahead and see if I can reserve the car.
Service 3 ¾ stars
Our server was very knowledgeable, friendly and attentive. I wish there'd been more menu selection.
Food 3 stars
Creativity of the menu gets 5 stars. Where can you order "Spaghettios: served in a can with a side of cheetos". And maybe you want to try their "Down and Out Burger: only $3.95 if you're under 21 yrs. old and come in with a skate board." Try their ice cream for dessert and choose from sizes: heavy chevy or fatty caddy.
I loved their sweet potato fries, but other than that, nothing wowed me. Basic burgers and sandwiches. Not a large menu. I dubbed the selection "Fried stuff with cheese!" But I'd come back with my husband. He'd be thrilled.
Price 3 ½ stars
Average menu price around $8.
Overall: Just shy of 4 stars
Have you visited Donnie Macs? If so, leave a comment and add your review!
Thanks to Christy (Shonda May), Bambi and Heather for help reviewing this restaurant!


andrea.roche said...

okay. sooo...My husband and i went here for dinner tonight and we seriously thought it was the worst food we'd ever had. I only ate about half of mine I thought it was so gross. The fries were straight out of the freezer and hard as rocks and McDonalds has better burgers. The atmosphere was creative, but seriously sick our opinion.

andrea.roche said...

Sorry if that was harsh....we're food snobs.

Heather Wheeler said...

You must be food snobs, or I must be easy to please! I thought it was good, especially the sweet potato fries, it was my first experience with them! mm MM Good!

andrea.roche said...

We didn't try those Heather. Maybe I should give it another chance? bad night maybe?

Bekah said...

I went to Donnie Mac's a few years ago, and I was less than pleased with their service. I LOVED the decor and the atmosphere. It was really fun. However, I took my mom and sister there for lunch when they were visiting from GA, and the waitress ended up charging my card $200 for my $20 bill. She voided it and charged me correctly, but she never told me about it. I was pretty upset when I had $200 of the money in my bank account frozen to cover the error, and I had no explanation for it at all.
I went in with my husband later to fix the problem and spoke with the supervisor. He gave us some free frozen custard and asked if we wanted to have dinner. We declined at first, but when he brought us our custard, we had changed our minds. He told us to go ahead and sit wherever we wanted. And then no one ever came for our order. We left, pretty annoyed.
I called the manager of the restaurant to complain, and she sent me a $20 gift certificate. Sweet, right? We took my sis-in-law and her husband out for dinner. We sat in the car they have lifted up in the dining room. It was pretty cool. And then we waited for roughly 20 minutes for our server just to get our drink orders. Our food was so-so when it finally came out. I was really disappointed in the service again. I haven't been back since, and I haven't been able to recommend it to anyone.
Sorry for the book about it, but I just thought I'd share my experience.