Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Donn's Kodiak Grill: Restaurant Review 4 out of 5 stars

Donn's Kodiak Grill completely EXCEEDED my expectations. This is not a typical side-of-the-road run down diner where all you get is bagged salad and fried food. It's completely the opposite. Tucked away on top of a hill on Hwy 21 just past Lucky Peak damn, this is a neat and cozy lodge diner with high end, impressive food. Down home and upscale have never looked so good together.

Visit Donn's Kodiak Grill

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12342 Highway 21
Boise, ID 83716

Atmosphere: 4 out of 5 stars
The historic Hilltop Cafe has been beautifully remodeled into a rustic lodge diner. Cozy, comfortable and clean.
Family Friendly: 3 out of 5 stars
I had two cranky kids with me and the Kodiak Grill did their very best to accommodate all of us. They do have a kids menu and brought out crayons. Due to another large party we were unable to get a highchair, but they did find a booster for us. Definitely equipped to handle kids, but not my first choice for the little ones.
Service: 5 out of 5 stars
The server and owner, Danarae were extremely accommodating and cheerful on a busy Friday evening. Our food was served hot in a timely manner, our drinks were always filled. The Kodiak Grill has a warm down-home feel that can largely be attributed to the friendly staff. Danarae and staff take great pride in their restaurant and it is evident by the way they conduct themselves. I felt like my Mama was taking care of me all night and making sure my dinner was just how I liked it. I watched each customer come through the door and be greeted in a similar manner.
Food: 4 out of 5 stars
Our yummy appetizers included potato skins, nachos (large enough to be a meal for two in and of themselves), tasty guacamole and cheese sticks for the kids. The entrees were tasty and aesthetically pleasing: Steak and Seafood Pinwheels, Cajun Fish and Seafood Linguini, Stuffed Grilled Chicken and my favorite the rib eye steak. The entrees were served with perfect al dente vegetables and to die for mashed potatoes. My darn kids were really misbehaving by this point and I was devastated (not an exagerration, I feel very strongly about chocolate), not to be able to sample their desserts. The dessert menu was huge and they had an option to choose a small portion of FIVE different desserts of your choice. I still hear the brownie sundae and cobbler calling to me from up Hwy 21.
Price: 3 ¾ out of 5 stars
Burgers and sandwiches priced at $10-$12. Entrees averaging $13-$16. Steaks and ribs over $20. The price was higher than I expected, but the quality of the meat and homemade ingredients was equally high. Danarae stressed that all their dishes are homeade from the very best ingredients. You can rest assured that you're only getting the best at the Kodiak Grill. Plus, the price point actually would work pretty well with the restaurant.com $25 gift certificate and a $35 minimum purchase.

Chef Guy Fieri recently visited Donn's Kodiak Grill and will be highlighting them on Monday June 8th in a special segmant of, "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" around Boise, ID. Check out Kodiak Grill on Fri, Sat and Sundays when they have live music on the patio.
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Paperdoll said...

This Mother's Day will be the third visit to Kodiak Grill. Our first two visits were wonderful. We had a seafood dinner and a Kodiak burger on our first visit & the meals were very flavorful with a reasonable price. Our second time we sat out on their patio & order two very delicious Cheese burgers w/ our chose of cheese and side dish. We were again very happy with our meals. The burgers and fries were hot, the order was correct & what burger is more then delicious when you are out doors with a cool breeze. If you have the chance stop into Kodiak Grill you won’t be disappointed. I want to wish them all the luck in their rebirth in Idaho.

Lake Girl said...

I must have been there on a fluke day, because the service was awful! I was there on a weekday afternoon and it took over an hour to get our food. Our appetizer was accidentely taken to another table. And after about 45 minutes we were literally begging the waitress to bring out whatever part of our order was ready. She told us that she wasn't allowed to speak to the cooks. She offered to make us side salads which we gladly accepted. She returned with our salads and my friend's order, and informed me that my order (chicken kebobs) wasn't even available until after 4:00. This was AN HOUR after I had ordered! I then ordered a steak sandwich, the waitress came by a few minutes later and asked if I had decided what I wanted. I placed my order with her AGAIN. My order FINALLY arrived with a to go box at the same time that we had finished my friend's lunch. The waitress assured us that we would be "taken care of" so I was not especially thrilled when my bill came with only the 2 salads comped. The only conselation was that after waiting for it for an hour and a half, the Steak sandwich was delicious! The decor was beautiful, and the food was great, it seems that I just came on a bad day.

Idahomis said...

I took my husband to this incredible restaurant for his birthday dinner. What a great place! We loved the rustic decor and friendly staff. Our prime rib dinners were perfectly prepared and delicious. And what birthday celebration would be complete without dessert? We ordered the berry cobbler (with ice cream of course) and we about fell out of our booth when the waitress brought the biggest dish of cobbler and ice cream we've ever seen! It was just to die for! Definetly share the desserts ...they all are huge and yummy. We will be taking our family and friends to this incredible place to eat. In fact as soon as we returned home (moaning because we ate too much) I ordered another coupon from restaurant.com for another trip to Donn's Kodiak Grill. The waitress did tell us that Friday and Saturday nights get very busy...our trip was on a Tuesday night. Try it...it's a great place for delicious food with a pleasant dinning experience.

Anonymous said...

Food was overpriced, underseasoned, and lackluster at best especially considering how expensive it all was. Service was also quite terrible, and it took us almost 45 minutes to get our bill after we were all clearly done eating and ready to get going. We will definitely not be making the drive out there again, which is disappointing because it is a beautiful drive and a location with a lot of potential that is clearly being wasted.