Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fraudulent Usage: Buffalo Wild Wings Coupon

We've received multiple emails from some readers about a new coupon for six free wings. Immediately upon looking at the link, I can tell this is not supposed to be used by the masses or spread across the internet by we coupon-bloggers. This looks just like the Pace salsa deal (that I fell for and posted) from a few weeks ago; the coupon is the reward for playing their bracket challenge which has now ended. Thanks to our readers for the emails, but I personally won't be using this one.
I just spoke with the manager from the Meridian, ID location and she said that as of right now, they are planning on honoring the coupon, but they don't know how it's out there and are disappointed that it is. The coupon was not intended for spreading around. Here at KCL we're trying our best (with missteps at every turn) to check and keep the integrity of our deals as we pass them on to our wonderful readers.
Thanks KCLs. Now, back to my Easter breakfast. . . Hope you're all enjoying the holiday.


TammyW said...

I'm not seeing that you can use the paper towel coupon with the one in the ad. It says on 4 rolls or more.

Lostin said...

Hey, if it's not meant to be used by everyone who prints it then they need to put on a bar code or restrictions on the coupon. I disagree with not honoring a coupon when people have taken the time to come the the restaurant based on the coupon. Coupons are meant to get customers into the restaurant. If they don't want to give away 6 wings with no purchase necessary then they need to make it a buy 6 get 6 free coupon or put wording on it that says it can not be copied.