Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fred Meyer April 19-25

Hunts $.79 each (Limit 10) with in ad coupon

Bandon Cheese 2 for $9 with in ad coupon
(not a great stock up price for this brand, but good if you need it)

Fred Meyer Butter 2/$4

Okay, this is the littlest post ever but I had to at least give Fred Meyer a shot! If you notice anything that I am missing, leave a comment and let us know!


mrsmorris said...

If you can still find their Extra Savings books, Bertolli dinners are $4.49. Also the free 12 pack of Big K soda if you buy 3 boxes of Jollytime popcorn. Good through 4/28.

I had a quick question about Albertsons $15/$3 deal. Can you do two of those deals in the same transaction?



Heather Wheeler said...

Thanks for the heads up!

And yes, for the Albertson's promo you can do multiple deals in the same transaction... so for every $15 you spend $3 will come off. So if you do $30 (before tax and coupons) $6 will come off!
Hope this helps!

mrsmorris said...

Thanks Heather, I appreciate the info.

Two weeks ago when Albertsons did the double coupons, I went in on that Monday and there was a stack at least 5" tall, of just doubles, sitting at Customer Service. Talk about a head rush!! No such luck today though. She said they were not sent any extras. I'm going to check tomorrow though. Now I know how drug addicts feel!


Leslie said...

At Freddies their store brand soda is 6/$10($1.66 pr/case)'s not bad for generic soda. Also they have their 4-pack of regular roll angel soft for $0.99 and w/ the 50cent coupons in sundays paper they were 49cents each. Our local Albies doesn't carry the 4-pack so I couldn't double the coupons there...bummer.

andrea.roche said...


Albertsons. 6am. There were tons of $1/1 peelies on various fruit by the foot/snacks etc. They are currently 2/$5. If you didn't get enough from the promotion a few weeks ago (or your husband seriously ate through 20 boxes), double coupon, and you can get them for $.50 now.

Tons of clearance items at my store which matched up. Huggies bath and body (which everyone has mentioned).

Also, I bought two cases (30) of powerade, and a $5 catalina printed out. Not sure what the "deal" is there, but it worked. Be on alert ladies!

If anyone needs extra doublers, be sure to ask. I asked and they gave me a stack of them. I put some back because I don't need that many, but they ARE out there.

Paula said...

Scott Bath Tissue (4 rolls) is ON SALE at Albertsons this week for $1 ... use the $1 off coupons and it's free (no need to waste your doubles on them!)

Phelps Family said...

I saw that Freddies has their Johnson's baby care on sale for $1.99. I have some $1 off coupons from a mailer I got making these $.99.

Lynn said...

Paula, I'm wondering exactly where you found the Scott tp for $1. It was "on sale" at the Albetsons on Main/Meridian/Cherry for something like $4.69. I didn't see any Scott's for less than that. I've heard about this kind of a sale before, but I never see it advertised. Thanks!

Joanie Demer said...

Lynn, Many local Albertsons often have scotts extra soft, single-ply 4 packs for $1.00. I know Albertsons on Broadway in Boise always has them at this price. It's not even a sale or special. And it's not 10/$10, they're just marked $1.00.

Leslie said...

wow, I wish my albies sold them for $1! They are $4 a pack!