Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Free Huggies Wipes at Walmart

Heather posted some great internet printables HERE, but I wanted to reiterate one great coupon from Huggies.
Go HERE to print your $1/1 Huggies bath or body product
redeem the coupon in Walmart's travel section(by the toiletries) They carry
16 ct. wipes for .97 cents.
Final Price: FREE
I've stocked up on these on multiple occasions and last time I asked a cashier first whether or not I could use the "bath and body" coupon on "wipes", I was told that I could do so. This is Walmart and I'm sure someone's going to pitch a fit, but if you're up front what's the worst that could happen? Don't try to be sneaky because the register is going to make that "angry beep" than means the coupon exceeds the item's value, but they should just adjust the value down to .97 cents and you'll have free wipes! Pictured at right both the coupon that will print (I hate when they take up an entire page. . . grrr!) and the wipes. Perfect size for sticking in the diaper bag!


andrea.roche said...

FYI, I also used a ton of these I got off Ebay on the 40 count Huggies wipes. They are $1.46 at WalMart - not free but you get a few more if you wanted.

andrea.roche said...

joanie..wierd question for you. What kind of printer do u have? With all this coupon kraziness, we need one with cheap ink for allt he printing. any ideas?

And yes, it's 2am.

Shari said...

One thing I do to save on ink when printing coupons is to watch as it prints and when I can see the coupon is printed and it's still printing I cancel it. I have my coupon but not the full page add. Then if you can print 2 of them, just turn the page around and print one on the other end. You just have to make sure you watch it so you cancel before it prints over the first coupon. My printer is a Canon with separate ink tanks so I only replace colors as they run out. I just used 2 of these yesterday at Walmart and got the wipes for free. They didn't question it at all.

andrea.roche said...

Great advice Shari!

Liberty said...

I have changed my printer to print only black and white, so then that will save on ink also. I also use my scrap papers for coupons. Sometimes my kids will accidently print something off, or I will have a blank back side of something, so I print it on that. I have never had any one complain about there being foreign words on the back of the coupon.

Emily C. said...

I know I already left this comment somewhere--but it's worth repeating. At many Albertson's locations right now (I've seen it at the Eagle Albies, and well as Five Mile/Ustick) Many of the Huggies Bath and Body products are clearanced to 1.74 each. Use your $1/1 printable and get a big bottle of lotion or baby wash for only .74! I LOVE the Huggies shea butter and oatmeal lotion--it is the only one I use on my kids, it makes them smell so good!

jenna.marie said...

i got some babies r us coupons in the mail for huggies. does anyone know if babies will honor their coupons as well as manufacture coupons? or just one at a time? thanks.

MommyJessica said...

I just don't see the link for $1 off any huggies product. I See a $.50 off wipes coupon, but I have a ton of those (and a ton of wipes). Any help in finding it would be appreciated.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the advice!!

btw there is also this website


where i get my huggies for free