Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free PC Tune Up at Staples--- Just for you KCL-Husands

Are you so annoyed (well just in general...) about all the coupons your wife is printing? Are you blaming that on your computer being bogged down, running slow, and possibly having viruses?
Yeah, I thought so!
Well, have I got a Deal for YOU!
(by the way, I am not saying you should be blaming her....)

According to tomorrows ad at Staples (find it here, select "sneak peek")

Get a Free PC Tune Up to Boost Speed and Performance
A $29.99 Value.

When I called my local Staples the Easy Tech Associate had this to say:

-This offer is good NOW through July 4
- It's a Free Check of your computer, that should improve the speed of your computer and internet.
-If it doesn't speed it up, they will recommend what will fix it (removing any viruses, ect)
and can do that for you!


Amber said...

Thanks for the heads up on that deal. My husband will love it! Thanks for being good sports about all the tongue in cheek posting. He really doesn't mind couponing that much he just likes to tease me about it!


Heather Wheeler said...

I think we are all used to being teased by our husbands about all the Krazy Couponing... I am glad yours is a good sport!
I also love that he braved the world of KCL to comment, very brave!

Amber said...

He got a kick out of it. He likes reading KCG's stuff.