Wednesday, April 15, 2009

From the KCL Inbox

I just wanted to write and tell you thank you so much for all of your work on your blog!!! I love reading it - I get a little bit obsessed - and read it 3-4 times a day! Krazy, I know!

So, I went to Walgreens last night and was so excited when I got home and totaled up my purchases. After all of my RR were factored in, my grand total out of pocket was $3.07!! I couldn't believe it. And - those are FULL size bottles! My husband is so happy, he even tells his co-workers what amazing deals I'm able to score.


Thanks Gena! We love you too! And thanks for sending us your great deal! Read all about Walgreens deals this week HERE.

And thank you Tara for sending this info:
I was just at Albertsons on Eagle/McMillan and they have Nestle Toll House refrigerated Easter cookies on sale 10/10! I had coupons for $1/1 so I got some for free and got a few more to freeze.

Just thought I'd pass along the good price.

We love and appreciate all our readers. Thanks!


talktoannie23 said...

Does anyone know if the Edge or skintimate shave gels have RR's? I couldn't find it in the ad, but I keep reading about it here, so I thought I'd see if anyone knows what the deal is...???

Joanie Demer said...

It's been a week now since I got this deal, but it was unadvertised then and the RRs DID print. However, I could not roll them from an Edge gel to a Skintimate and back as I'd hoped. As far as I know the RRs are still printing.

Amber said...

They were still printing Monday night when I got mine.


will and tiff said...

gena - you are totally a rock star and i love your steal of deal skills. and i am happy to see you are well supplied in the "fresh breath" area - you just never know when you need a few drops of freshness :> sure love you friend.

Amber said...

okay! how did you do that for only 3 bucks! I tried at Walgreens the other day, and i don't get it yet.

LnZ said...

Great work!

DEAR KCL's! I don't feel like I'm a "virgin" anymore! Yahoo! I have the food part of my groceries figured out....However, I don't think I'm getting the toiletries and personal things. (with the exception of toothpaste!) SOOOOOO, my biggest question is what kind, where, and what is a good price for toilet paper. Is there really a better deal than Costco on this one? Do I really have to start shopping Walgreens for the best deals on toiletries?!?!?!? THANKS for all of the input - {LOVE} this blog!

Jennifer said...

I was at the walgreens on state (by winco) and I asked the cashier if the skintimate gel was part of their RR. She said it was a mistake--that it wasn't supposed to be and they fixed it immediately (at least at that store). Bummer. I love that gel!

Joanna said...

All of my local Meridian store still have this deal rolling. It set to run all month. You can see the ad for next week is advertising it again. Scroll down to page 12 to see it.

Heather Wheeler said...

I am happy to hear you feel inducted into the world of Krazy Coupon Ladies. As for the toiletries... this will entirely depend on if you are a toilet paper snob or not. My husband is, and for a long time after I started couponing I was still going to Costco for our Charmin. Then finally Albertson's had a really really good sale on it, and I stocked up. Toilet paper is one of the great things to go overboard on--- it never expires. If you don't have a preference on brand it will be much easier. There are always Scott's or White Cloud coupons for $1/1 you can find those brands on sale at Albies, FM, Walgreens, for $1 or when Albertsons or Kmart doubles you should be able to get it for free or cheap then. Hope this helps!

Rebecca said...

Hi, Just a heads up for anyone in Eastern Idaho. The Rexburg Walgreens has lots of the shaving cream. Get it for cheap with the RR. Enjoy!