Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From the KCL Inbox

Thanks to all of our wonderful readers and to these Krazy women who sent in a few great deals they wanted to share!


The Parade of Homes (Boise) is completely free this year! So... we're going to go tour some homes today and then stop for $.31 scoops of ice cream... Doesn't that sound like a fun Wednesday? Just thought I'd share! My family enjoys going every year, and this year is so much better because its FREE!

I just started couponing a few months ago and have found your blog to be a big help! Thanks for all the great updates. I wanted to let you know about another fantastic deal that started today and will go until May 8th. Papa John's in the Treasure Valley is offering 1 large 1 topping pizza for 3.99, limit 1. You have to order online and enter the promo code "lg399" to get this deal. Also, a couple great specials they are running daily for a limited time are 1 large 1 topping pizza for 5.99 or buy any pizza reg. price get 1 free, no limit. These two specials can be done any day or time online or by calling for the next couple weeks. Enjoy!

I love your site! I was in Albertson's (Twin Falls) last night to take advantage of the conagra and Kraft sales before they ended and I found excellent toy clearance.
In the frozen food aisle on top of the cases there are several toys marked down 75%. I was able to get 7 toys for $28 and now I have tons of birthday gifts for the year.
I got:
Diego craft kit: $4.25 (they also had dora)
Dora talking star toy: $3.75
15" stuffed doll that came with lots of other stuff: $5.75
Disney princess fashion bag set: $3.50
Backyardigan instrument set: $2.50
Construction playset: $4.25
Disco toys electronic keyboard: $3.99
They also had Hannah Montana Dolls, Hannah Montana camp chairs, High School Musical camp chairs ($5) and a few other toys!

Just wanted to let you know that as I was going through the ValPak mailer, I found a $1 off Colgate Total toothpaste coupon in the mailer.

Thanks so much for all your hard work. I visit your website multiple times a day. I love it!!!

just thought with mother's day coming up, that this is a KRAZY deal.

Costco has 2 $25 gift cards ($50 total) to the Godiva store or online Godiva store for Only $19.99. I know a lot of moms
who would love some good Godiva chocolate for mother's day! just
wanted to share.


Martha said...

ARe the Costco giftcards $19.99 each or total for 2?

Danielle said...

Hey!First Thank you so much for all the work you do! I really appreciate it! I found a KRAZY deal the other day when I was at Ikea in utah, Mondays are family nights and you can get all you can eat pasta and sauce for 1.99! just thought maybe you would like to spread the word! Thanks Danielle

The Hendricks ID said...

and are they actual costco giftcards for anything or for chocolate? DO you buy them at costco?

krista said...

you buy the gift cards at costco, but they are for the godiva store (or online).

and you get $50 worth of gift cards for $19.99.

Joanie Demer said...

Hey everybody I just emailed Krista about the Costco Godiva deal. She clarified, "they are gift cards to the godiva store or online. (it seems they have them all over, except for boise)
you get $50 of gift cards for $19.99."

Thanks Krista! I also tried to clear up the wording on the post. $50 of chocolate. . . dangerous!

summers.scents said...

I've recently started following your website and I love it! So I thought I would share one of my great finds...
The Pizza Perfection on Overland in between Eagle and Locust Grove has Buy One Get One Free EVERYDAY - ALL DAY - even on Specialty pizzas! The best thing is you don't have to order online and there isn't any code to remember.
There website is and they have COUPONS you can print off and use.
The coupons don't specify Meridian but they will honor all of them except the free deliver.
There # is 893-5000