Friday, April 10, 2009

Get em Before They're Gone!

Go to, and print your $1 McCormick spices and $1.50/pack Huggies diapers!

They will probably go fast!


Heather Wheeler said...

Just an fyi- they are also on our coupon bar... it'll save you a step! And yes- they will go fast!

Melinda said...

Are they on sale anywhere? or are they part of any unilever or anything deal?

Or is the sale coming up and we need to save them?

I obeyed and printed. But now what?

Joanie Demer said...

I'm not sure if Jilene had something specific in mind when she posted these. I think they're just good coupons to hang on to for now. Jilene, please interject if I'm wrong. The McCormick could likely get you free or cheap spices and the huggies coupon might be good if you could use it on a small pack of wipes. I haven't printed the Huggies one, so I'm not sure how it reads. Melinda, You're so funny, "I obeyed and printed." LOL We'll watch out for a deal using your newly printed coupons.

Joanie Demer said...

I think I found a deal for your McCormick seasoning. McCormick makes seasoning packets. I'm sure they'll be free if you can pair them with this coupon.

amanda said...

If I read the coupon right you have to buy a spice or something. Does the packet actually qualify for the seasoning packets?

KrazyRussian said...

I have bunch of Huggies coupons,that I get thru mail. My girls off daipers:) So if you want them,write me on my e-mail: