Monday, April 6, 2009

Idaho Press Tribune Subscriptions!!


It's easy! Get your Idaho Press-Tribune delivered daily, plus get up to five additional Sunday copies CHEAP!.

Here are the details...

When you sign up for the Daily Paper (at $6.00 per month, including Sundays)
You can then get 3 additional Sunday Papers (4 total) for $7.20
Or you can get 5 additional Sunday Papers (6 total) for $12.00

1 Sunday Paper
Daily Paper 7 days a week .20cents each
Total: $6.00 per month

4 Total Sunday Papers
Daily Paper $6/month or .20cents each
3 more Sunday papers $7.20 ($0.60 cents each)
Total: $13.20/month for weekly paper plus 3 extra Sunday papers

6 Total Sunday Papers
Daily Paper $6/month or .20cents each
5 more Sunday papers $12.00 ($0.60 cents each)
Total: $18.00/month for weekly paper plus 5 extra Sunday papers

Are you thinking, "But I don't want the daily subscription"??? Well, I thought that at first too, but remember the Albertson's Ad comes in the Wednesday Paper (which means more coupons for their store... and possibly more doublers!!) AND! Even with the Daily Subscription Price, is still cheaper than any other local deal!

Here is where they deliver as of today:
All of Canyon County, Emmett, Melba, Star, and In Ada County as far East as Maple Grove/Five Mile and South to Lake Hazel...
If you are East of Five Mile don't fret! Still Call Greg (
208.870.2784) and let him know that you are interested and if enough people call in your area- they will open it up!!! It's definitely worth the Call!!

Also, they make it super easy to pay- They will just automatically deduct it from your credit card or bank account! (or they can send you a bill in the mail and you can pay with cash or check)

Call Greg Now!!! 208.870.2784 and tell him


Brittany said...

Hey Heath, this post didn't show up in my google reader. Anyone else have this problem?


Andrea said...

Heather -
Was it you or someone else who bought Prilosic? I have a bunch of coupons I won't use for this. Also, is KCtrader open to everyone still? I have a bunch of coupons I won't use which anyone can have....but it doesn't seem that site is getting many hits??

Unknown said...

WOW! Greg IS a GREAT guy! Not only was he super friendly, but he came all the way out to Eagle to deliver my sunday newspapers himself! I called in my subscription just barely too late on Friday and he promised me he'd hand deliver my sunday papers on monday so I wouldn't miss out on all the coupons. Now thats customer service!! :)

JoAnna D. said...

I think the KCtrader is for "members only", but I sent an email to KCL yesterday asking about possible trades or joining. I too have tons of coupons from all 6 of my papers yesterday that I wont use and looking for some possible trades (??) I'm really not sure how trading would work. I think it would be such a waste for me to throw them out.

Andrea said...

If anyone needs additional Albies double coupons, the small Albertsons off Cleveland in Caldwell has them sitting in the front of the store. I took a bunch and am headed BACK tonight with more coupons. Saved me buying more papers!

Starnes fam said...

Just wondering...does anyone else with an Idaho Press Tribune subscription find that they don't get ALL of their coupons each Sunday? This past Sunday I recieved 1 Albertsons double sheet and I get 4 newspapers! FRUSTRATING!

Unknown said...

I was thinking I would send coupons for stuff I won't use (pet food) to soldiers when I send my expired coupons. That seems like a way to pass them on, and I'm mailing other coupons anyway.

Heather Wheeler said...

Starnes- If they miss any of your inserts or the Albertsons ad- call them and you can go pick them up- or they will bring it the next morning!

A said...

Andrea and Joanna, if you want to start a trade thing, I'm in. We can either do our own private blog (and let anyone in that wants to) or I don't know...whatever will work for you guys. I know I NEVER use any of my air freshener anything coupons because I use my Scentsy instead. So those I'd get rid of, I don't have pets and never will, so any pet food anything I won't use, etc. If you want to do it, please let me know! I clicked on both of your profiles and neither of them had any info. Thanks!

JoAnna D. said...

Yes I'd love to trade some coupons!

I'm a bit of a "brand snob" and have a binder with some coupons that I can't or won't use. I'm also looking for specific coupons for items I need for my little boys.

I'm interested in coupons for any of the following items:
*Silk Soymilk
*Yoplait Yo-Plus or any other Probiotic yogurt
*Any Stonyfield brand Gluten Free item's
*Dairy Free items
*Soy Joy bars
*Glutino Pantry Items or any other Gluten Free items

Some of my coupons that I have to trade are:
*$2.00/2 Starbucks Frappuccino (I have a great scenario that I did at WAGS and paid $1.99/4 pack when i purchased 6, if your a coffee drinker)
*Cereal (POST and GM)
*Pillsbury items
*Ousts (This weeks WAGS sale)
*Glade items (I too prefer my Scentsy)
*and Target coupons from the Flip. Clip. Save. book that you can use with MQ's

I'm in Meridian.

Joanie Demer said...

Andrea, Amber and Joanna,
I just made krazycoupontrader a public blog again. Be cautious in giving out your addresses, but other than that, feel free to trade away over there! Andrea is already an MVP author:), but if either of you other gals want added, just send an email to KCL. Hit the contact tab. Thanks!

Jeff and Angela Boyle said...

Just an FYI, the price for a subscription is good for 6 months, then it goes up a couple of dollars.

DonnaBGood! said...

In regards to Greg from the Idaho Press Tribune newspaper...terrible customer service experience today. I sent an email to the publisher of the Idaho Press Tribune (Mr. Weaver) to file a compliant. He's happy to take your credit card but does not take any ownership of delivery issues. I'm sticking with the Idaho Statesman...buyer beware!

David said...

Yes, you are right. We are daily subscriber but i don't like the daily subscription.