Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Tickled Pink!

Just received this email responding to my question: Are catalina machines going to be removed from Albertsons stores in the future? (I'd heard a rumor and wanting to investigate)

Good afternoon, Ms. Demer.

I am responding to your email submitted (below) to our Customer Interaction Center. I am the Area Service Manager for Idaho and can assist you.

I’m happy to say that we are not removing our Catalina machines nor exiting our coupon programs with them in Idaho. I cannot speak to whether or not there are changes in other operating banner areas of SUPERVALU-Albertsons throughout the nation. My area of supervision is Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming and Montana.

Michael Powers
ID & E. MT Areas Service Manager

SUPERVALU/Albertsons - IMW Division

Hooray! Oh Happy Day! Albies and I are here to stay!
(I just got 60 Post cereal coupons in the mail today! Thank you Ebay.)


Blue said...

when you get coupons off ebay, where is the seller getting them? just curious.

great job! hope the same holds true for utah.

Tiffani said...

Thanks I was wondering about that -now I don't need to worry. Albertsons is my store!

eydieB said...

Boohoo, I'm in Clinton UT, and our Albertsons has gone off the deep end :( Walgreens in right across the street so I enjoyed buying my stuff at Walgreens and then crossing the street to Albies to use my RR. Not any more. They are no longer taking Walgreens RR. They have gone as far as taping over all of the coupon recepticles on the self check out lanes so you have to deal with a clerk if you are using any coupons on the self checkout lane. Can't speak for any other Albies in UT, just the one in Clinton.