Thursday, April 30, 2009

KCL Newspaper Subscription

We have talked about this subscription offer before, but it's worth repeating! For all of you coupon virgins on the quest to slashing you grocery bill, the first step is to get the Sunday Paper. I suggest between 4 and 6 Sunday papers to make all this "kraziness" worth your time and effort. Luckily for us, The Idaho Press Tribune makes it easy and affordable.

Easy, by making the coupon inserts appear on your doorstep every Sunday Morning.
Affordable, by offering the cheapest deal in the Valley!

Call Greg at 870.2784 and Ask for the Krazy Coupon Lady Special!

1 Sunday Paper
Daily Paper 7 days a week .20cents each
Total: $6.00 per month

4 Total Sunday Papers
Daily Paper $6/month or .20cents each
3 more Sunday papers $7.20 ($0.60 cents each)
Total: $13.20/month for weekly paper plus 3 extra Sunday papers

6 Total Sunday Papers
Daily Paper $6/month or .20cents each
5 more Sunday papers $12.00 ($0.60 cents each)
Total: $18.00/month for weekly paper plus 5 extra Sunday papers

Here is where they deliver as of today:
All of Canyon County, Emmett, Melba, Star,
and In Ada County as far East as Eagle Road...
If you are East of Eagle Road don't fret! Still Call Greg (208.870.2784) and let him know that you are interested and if enough people call in your area- they will open it up!!! It's definitely worth the Call!!


Blue said...

anything like this available for Salt Lake City peeps that you know about?

Thrifty Queen said...

The Statesman gave me a great deal today with 3 Sunday papers for $78 a year. That makes them only .50 a piece. Call them and ask for a good deal.

Heather Wheeler said...

Blue- stay tuned for great Utah deals..

Thrifty Queen I just called and they didn't know what I was talking about... any thoughts?