Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keeping you Coming back for More...

The Melting Pot Giveaway!

I hope you've enjoyed reading our first restaurant review of the Ono Hawaiian Cafe. We've sent authors to 2 other restaurants since and we'll be posting those reviews soon. But this next review of The Melting Pot is Extra Special, so we thought we'd give it away to one of our "special" readers. No, I'm not talking about Krazy Coupon Rick, I'm talking about one of you!

The Melting Pot in downtown Boise
Thursday April 16th at 6:00PM
one week from tonight
(make sure your calendar is open before you enter)

We're giving away FREE dinner for one lucky reader and her (okay, okay his or her. . . RICK!) girlfriend to accompany KCL big wigs, Heather and Joanie for an Krazy girls night out! Get all your coupon questions answered and stuff your face at the same time! Heather's a light weight and eats like a bird, she'll answer all your questions. I'll make dinner uncomfortable by continually acting like I have no idea there's cheese and chocolate all over my lips and chin.

Here's the super strict rules about how to enter this narcissistic giveaway where we're assuming you want to eat dinner with us.
  • Leave a comment playing to my vanity and convincing me why you want to eat dinner with me (insert rolling of eyes here) I'm kidding, I know you just want free fondue. . .

You may get ONE extra entry for doing one of the following FOR THE FIRST TIME. Please leave a second comment if you've done one of the following for the first time. Limit 2 entries per household.
  1. Become a NEW follower (I'd better see your sweet smiling face on my sidebar!)
  2. Become a first time follower on Google Reader or enter your email address in our feedburner.
  3. Add our Krazy ICON to your personal homepage toolbar by bookmarking our page in your toolbar.
  4. Place KCL's button on your sidebar, or replace your old button with our fancy new blinkie!
Giveaway Ends this Saturday, April 11th at Midnight. Good luck!
Not feeling lucky? Afraid that even if you win I'll scrape the yin yang chocolate fondue bowl clean with my tongue before you even get a taste? Sign up for their Club Fondue and receive a free chocolate fondue for two when you sign up!

And don't forget you've still got until 10:00PM to enter the Shelf Reliance Giveaway! Good Luck!


Allison said...

thursday is april 16th. ;)

Sharee said...

Pick me, because your so beautiful, and the best, and the smartest coupon lady I have ever heard of. Also just going with me would make you look great! I am a few weeks away from having a baby, so a night out with the girls would be fun, and you could eat all you wanted and I would still be the one everyone was staring at thinking she ate too much. Or I can pretend my water has broken and we can get the whole meal free ;)

Sharee said...

I am a new follower.

Taresa said...

Pick me, pick me!!! I still need lots of help in this couponing world and i know you can help!!! I double dare you to really lick the bowl!!!

Deal Addict said...

Choose me! I have soo many questions that I would love to pick your brains about. I just found out about this whole KCL bit a month ago and have spent hours on the computer every day just to keep up!I have already saved loads of money- I guess you can say I'm a succor for a deal! I am also a few weeks away from my due date and would love to get a chance to reap some wisdom from the Master KCLs- especially before I pop!

traci said...

I am an ER nurse and work weekend nights. I frequently have the pleasure of caring for many of the Treasure Valley's "krazies." (They come out in great force during full moon.) However, I have never had the opportunity to spend several hours with a "krazy coupon lady." Your skills astound me and I would love to learn any new tricks or tips you are willing to share. Dinner away from the 4 kids would be an added bonus!Plus if either of you choke during your meal, I'm your gal!

traci said...

I have also added the kcl web site to my list of favorites!

Amber said...

I have added my email to the feedburner!

Sommers said...

I'll eat fondue with anyone!! PICK ME!!!! I am a follower, and your on my sidebar!!

Amber said...

Alright Heather and Joanie, my continuous comments should be convincing enough that I am a fan, but if you need more, I am happy to oblige...

I would love to talk to take some one on one lessons about how you do what you do so well. I am somewhere between the phase of trying to hit every deal and realizing that sometimes it's just not worth it, and if the store has some of what I want left when I'm there anyway, happy day! So I need to learn more about timing sales correctly and such. I also want to be able to save 90% on my grocery bill. That is my ultimate goal. I would love to talk to you about how you got there...or maybe you're just a natural. Either way, this would be FABULOUS!!

krista said...

i have been DYING to eat here, but my hubby is not a huge fan. so this would be the PERFECT time to go! PICK ME!

krista said...

i'm now a follower.

Marisa said...

I'd love to go! I'm still figuring out some coupon things -- plus, I love dessert fondue and good girl talk!
Thanks :)

Marisa said...

Oh, and I have your icon and link on my bookmark toolbar.

Blue said...

don't pick me, 'cause i'm in salt lake and won't be able to make it for dinner. but i love fondue, and i've never been to a melting pot, and got SO EXCITED when i saw your post title that i raced here and am just now starting to wipe away my tears that i'm not eligible by virtue of my geography. although if my dh wasn't being honored at a function that night, i'd fly up there just to meet you gals...especially if you were buying the fondue! i'm sure someone flies from SLC to Boise. how rad would that be, to have a Dinner Guest just WING IN to join you? Like you were all famous and movie starish.

but alas. you can't pick me this time. next time??!?!?!

Dustin & Erin said...

oh, gosh! please, please pick me! the melting pot is my favorite and my husband has banned me from all eating out activity (that he knows about... he he) and i'm going through major withdrawals! :) plus, i'm sort of new to the whole couponing thing and would love some tips and ideas... i would love to pick your brains. :)

Dustin & Erin said...

Oh, and I added your cute little button... enter me twice, baby!

Melinda said...

Fondue sounds DELICIOUS. And talking with you sounds awesome.

I've loved your blog and follow you on my google reader.

alysia said...

Hey, I wanna go! I want to meet the super-cool Heather and be in the presence of Joanie...even with cheese and chocolate fondue all over her chin! Okay, I might not be eligible...but I LOVE ya anyway!

lgoers said...

Pick me please!!! I love fondue.

Tiffani said...

I would love to join you at the Melting Pot - I would be right there with Joanie having it all over my face! I just love that place. It's a great place to have a girls night out. It's been a while that I have escaped with our ladies for "girl time" - kidnap me!

Tiffani said...

I just became a first time follower, too!

Beth said...

I am a new follower!

Beth said...

I also added your button to my blog. I would LOVE to go out with Heather and see how much she has changed since she was 12!!!!!!

andrea.roche said...

dibs on chocolate, heather and joanie.
I added the new blinkie.

talktoannie23 said...

Let me tell ya how I feel it shouldn’t take long,
The way I feel about this subject is kinda strong.

All this couponing stuff is quite the display,
I wish I had your knowledge, I’d do it everyday.

I’ve become hooked on the madness, the penny-pinching way,
Even dreaming about coupons all night and all day.

I’m the momma of two little girls, future KCL’s,
They’ll learn the trade of couponing before they learn to spell.

Out of all the money-saving blogs, yours is truly the best.
No other comes close, they need to give it a rest.

I really think you KCL’s are quite ‘da bomb’.
Not to mention, you gals are full-time moms.

You save all kinds of money, it’s almost a game
Your savvy shopping ways put many to shame.

That is the reason, the reason you see,
That a Coupon Krazie is what I wanna be!

How I’d love to dine and dip fondue with you clever gals,
And even if you licked the bowl, I’m sure we could still be pals!

talktoannie23 said...

Oh, and I added the KCL website to my toolbar!

Heather Wheeler said...

Hilarious! Love it!

Joanie Demer said...

AHHHHH! TalktoAnnie23, that was really good. I can't rig the giveaway cause we've got to be fair to all these KCLs that we love, but you're getting something for that! If you don't win, we'll have to do another dinner or something. LOVE IT! Thank you.
And thanks to all you gals! You're so sweet and hilarious! Can't wait to meet one of you.

Ash and Becky said...

You guys are totally inspirational and my hubby loves it that I am becoming way cheap like him! I would love to eat fondue with you and learn how to be a better couponer!

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower! Food is the perfect way to get me to commit. I have started basic couponing but could really use some help pulling it all together. Not to mention the girl time is greatly needed.

Laura said...

You are such a wonderful woman and I have never met anyone like you before! Ok, I have never met you but you have to pick me because I am new to this whole couponing thing. I have about a week under my belt and I think that is the reason I have had a migraine for the last 3 days, I dream of coupons but I have no idea how to get the best value.
Oh and you smell good too!

Brad and Tifani said...

Hi! I already follow your blog regularly, but I just added your link to my blog sidebar--thanks!!!

Owen's Blog said...

I love the Melting Pot! What a great resturant!

Terri Decker said...

I am new to the Krazy couponing world, and I am so excited about all the money I am saving! Your website is my fave, and I've been telling all my friends and family about your site so they can be Krazy Coupon ladies too! Thank you for your site, I have learned so much! ( My girlfriend and I would be soooo much fun for a girls night out- you wouldn't reget picking me! :D

Terri Decker said...

I am a follower of you blog, and I have already put your button on my website:

Thanks for all your great info!

Lyle and Jaime said...

I am a professional Eater, especially with chocolate and I am pregnant and take the whole eating for two thing a little to serious!!! PICK ME!

Ha ha I am new to this whole coupon thing and you guys have made it so easy and so much fun! I LOVE your site and I do have to say couponing is so worth it!! I saved 70% on my purchase today all thanks to you guys!!! You are all GREAT!

Rick said...

So, I see someone else used the poetry angle. I will add my contributions to the plethora of adulations submitted by the previous sycophants and hope mine ring true to both eye and heart of the gentle reader(s).

Sonnet( XVIII)
Shall I compare thee to a summer's sales day?
Thou art more diligent and more temperate:
Rough economic winds do shake the potato buds of May,
And coupon’s lease hath all too short an expiration date:
Sometime too sharp the eye of my cashier shines,
And often is her shining acceptance dimmed,
And almost every fare from internet declines,
By chance, or lazy shopper's printed sheet remains untrimmed:
But thy eternal savings guidance shall not fade,
Nor will we lose possession of that fare thou offer'st,
Nor shall customer service brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal checkout lines to closing time thou prosper'st,
So long as (wo)men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
My apologies to the Bard and to not having enough time to reconcile the iambic pentameter of the original….

Coupons fill my cart;
Food is more than sustenance,
When savings blossom….

There was a Young Lady who quipped,
No coupon should ‘ere go unclipped;
She often would holler
“I want double dollars!,”
As in the front door she would slip.

Rick said...

(Second entry submitted after bookmarking KCL website in my browser)

Who would be so Krazy as not to want to spend an evening with you ladies?

I believe you would get as many entries if the dining experience was sandwiches, pickles, and chips (all acquired via coupons) or if the offer was to treat you to dinner at a restaurant of your choice.

The venue may provide an enjoyable backdrop to the evening, but the stage has been set and the pleasure will come from spending the evening in the company of friends (new and old) and in the sharing of good conversation.

Joanie Demer said...

There are no words. . .