Thursday, April 30, 2009

Krazy Coupon Guy: Big High Heels to Fill

Dear Krazies,

I was going to write a short report last Monday after a couple of shopping trips on Sunday and Monday morning. However, I witnessed thing at Albertson's that made me rethink my paltry efforts, the potential for couponing, and your kind humouring of me on your website for my little purchases.

While doing recon at Albertson's Monday morning, I witnessed a lone female (didn't get her name) as she was finalizing the purchase of at least 5 full carts of items that matched up with the $4 off $10 sale and the Conagra $10 off $25 sale. She had the exclusive attention of 2 young male cashiers (Heather?) and had multiple stacks of coupons in some semblence of order as she verified that all was in order. It is a guess, but I suspect she had at least $500, maybe $600, in the carts. If she was as good as she appeared to be, it is unlikely she would have spent more than $50 OOP on her load.

I left to find a table at Arby's to get a sandwich and a free flavored ice tea (with coupon) and to compare Albertson's sales flyer with my coupons and make a list.

When I returned, the first Koupon Kween had departed and another Kween with her Lady in Waiting were there recreating the size and type of purchase I had witness just an hour before.

It is a miracle that Albertson's didn't have to close down and restock after these 2 Kweens finished.

Now, much humbled, I quietly completed my shopping trip focusing on the Conagra specials. My first purchase was $25.00. I had $10.00 in manufacturers' coupons which made the purchase $16.50 with tax returning $10.00 in Catalinas. Second purchase was $25.00. I had $8.00 in manufacterers' coupons, $10.00 in Catalinas from the first purchase, and paid $8.50 with tax returning another $10.00 in Catalinas. So, OOP of $15.00 on purchase of $53.00 with tax. Receipt said savings of $85.66 off full list price.

Pretty good I thought. Or would have thought had I not witnessed, with mine own two eyes, the two miracles earlier that day. There are some big high heels out there for me to fill. While not needing to fill a semi as these Koupon Kweens did, I was - and am in - awe of their purchases.

My Walgreens visit today was a little better today. I had coupons for glucose meters which made them free. I got 4 (but only received 3 Catalinas). I also got 2 Rembrandts tooth pastes, 2 Bayer Crystals, 2 GOT2B gels, and the last box of Ecotrin. I also threw in some small Walgreen tissues that were $.25 each to round things up to maximize the Catalina coupons I used to pay for things. The meters are not in the attached photo as I dropped them off at an Assisted Living center on my home from Walgreens. Walgreens was also out of some items that I will pickup this Friday when I am in TF doing other things.

I walked into Walgreens with some Catalinas ($5.00) and some cash. I paid $17.41 in cash, rolled some Catalinas, and walked out with the products listed above plus $27.00 in Catalinas. I believe I was "shorted" $7.50 in Catalinas because I inadvertently used Catalinas from the same manufacturer (Bayer) during a purchase with several items, some of which were Bayer products. Not the identical product that earned the Catalina but the same manfucturer. Even though they were not the same product, additional Catalinas did not print. I should have purchased the meters alone so as not to confuse either the register or the poor cashier.

I am sure I would have learned this nuance if I had attended any of the KCL classes.

Also shown from today is my Wal-Mart purchase of 5 salad dressings ($.08 after coupons) and 10 boxes of Crunch & Munch ($5.00 after coupons).

My brother Pete from Wisconsin has been teaching the Walgreens in our hometown how to maximize the RR's there by rolling alternating products. I suspect he will open his own Walgreens discount store soon. He said he would send photo and description later this evening. As of noon he said he had started the day with $6.00 in RR's , spent about $7.00 OOP on $78.00 worth of purchases, and had $17.00 in RR's in his pocket as he was traveling to the next Walgreens.

KCG Rick


Thrifty Queen said...

I have an idea for the Walgreens RR. I also had trouble not using one RR for the same product so when I get them from the cashier I write on it what product it was from. It helps a lot when you are feeling the pressure at checkout. Hope that helps.

Brian and Lindsay said...

I love hearing about men doing this stuff. My husband tags along when I go to the stores and loves to see the prices drop once I hand over all the coupons!

E. Poole said...

I am just really curious about what the unmarried KCG is going to do with all his Krunch and Munch and mustard and salad dressing? Can you use all that food before it expires or goes stale? An argument could be made that it could be donated to a food pantry for the poor - and that would be wonderful - but in the long run, is the KCG really saving money? I took part in the Conagra promo last week at Albertsons - and I have $23.00 in store credits to spend at Albertsons as a result, but I have a hard time justifying shopping there unless I have some double coupon deal because they charge so much. I am better off to buy things at the regular price at Winco as Channel 7 proved in one of their news broadcasts earlier this week. I know there are "real deals" out there, but I can only get just so excited about boxes of Krunch and Munch and bottles of mustard. Any thoughts Krazies?

Angelie said...

In response to E. Poole...
Pick your poison! I'll do my "regular" shopping at a cheaper grocery store, but who can pass up a box of ANYTHING for free or pennies?? Most everything I think we all stock up on is good to sit on a shelf for YEARS! And who doesn't appreciate getting something you probably wouldn't purchase full price but would like to and now can because of these WONDERFUL KCL tips and coupons??!!

Rick said...

I appreciate the concern expressed at my seemingly excessive purchases. I suspect there are some ladies who are worried about what could be an increase in my caloric intake and the consequences that may follow.

Fear not!

As a member of my local Optimist Club - and attendee at other social gatherings - there are ample opportunities that will require (and have required) that I bring food or treats. I have also been known to cater for groups of friends (largest group has been 50). In the past, I would have paid full price. Not any more.

I have already given gifts of items I purchased on sale - gifts that would have been made at full price just weeks ago.

And, even a single KCG needs to build up a certain amount of food storage and this is helping. Hopefully, some people are not suggesting only married people with children should have an adequate food storage supply?

Mustard is the only True Condiment. It will not last long. You may have noticed the absence of catsup (Satan's Condiment) which I do not use.

Or, maybe, some ladies are trying to discover my eating habits to know what to entice me through my gastronimical weakness.

I eat 1 or 2 salads a day with garbanzo beans, some onions, walnuts, raisins, and maybe a few wedges of tomato.

Dinner tonight will be grilled boneless ribs in a marinade (bought with coupon) and salad (see above) with Ranch Dressing.

Joanie Demer said...

Woot woot KCG! Can I come over for dinner? I'm so tired of my expired pillsbury biscuit creations.