Saturday, April 25, 2009

Krazy Coupon Guy: the Honeymoon's Over!

Dear Krazies,

Okay, I think the honeymoon is almost over. While I am committed to the couponing relationship, I will admit some of the excitement seems to be wearing off. Where I used to throw myself into the activity without restraint, I seem to be approaching things more methodically - almost clinically. I came this close (fingers about 1/2" apart) to not going shopping this evening with the excuse I had a headache. But then I pulled up my man-bra straps, straightened my wig, and entered the store, coupons in hand, and made the most of the evening as best I could. It was not Albertson's fault I was having a bad day.

My purchases this evening:

Conagra $25 get $10 Catalina Sale:
Pork & Beans @ .50 a can (went over minimum required purchase by one can)
Canned Tomatoes @ $1.00 a can
Egg Beaters @ $2.00 a carton
Manwich @ $1.00 a can

This rang up at $25.50 pretax before $2.00 worth of coupons for the Egg Beaters for a total after tax of $25.03. The receipt showed a Savings of $32.02. Then 2 Catalinas printed for a total of $10 OYNSO.

Albertson's $10 get $4 Off Sale:
Cheerios @ $2.00 a box (had a coupon but forgot to use it)
Ritz Crackers @ $2.00 a box
Nabisco Crackers @ $2.00 a box
B.C. Muffin Mix @ $2.50 a box (had coupons)
B.C. Cookie Mix @ $1.67 a bag (had coupons but forgot to use some of them)
Fiber One Cereal Bars @ $2.50 box (had coupons)
Grey Poupon Mustard @ $2.50 a jar

This initially rang up at a little over $70.00 and deducted $28.00 with the promo. I had a $5.00 off a $30.00 purchase Albertson's coupon, $4.60 in other coupons, the $10.00 Catalina from the first purchase, and paid $24.45. The receipt showed a Savings of $101.83.

When I got home, I discovered I forgot to give the cashier additional coupons worth $2.20. So, the real purchase should have been $22.25 with a Savings of $104.03. If I had taken the time to locate more coupons I could have done better. My fault for not being "in the mood" this evening - I was distracted. Maybe I am suffering from PMS (Pre-Manstral Syndrome). I believe coupons are laced with estrogen.

I think I over-prepared today by working too hard on my list, subtotalling prices with my calculator, grouping the purchases on the list and in the cart to make the process easier for the cashier, verifying totals on the monitor before finalizing the transaction. Maybe I just expected too much from all my preparations. I should just let myself "be ready" for the moment and go with the flow. Take one day at a time. Be satisfied with baby steps. It's the little things that count. And I should stop spouting stale platitudes.

Tonight I'll curl up in front of the TV with some ice cream and wonder why I am putting on pounds and inches in all the wrong places. Hey, that sounds like a country song. Maybe I'll listen to the radio instead. Or mix up a batch of cookie dough and eat it with my ice cream. Or watch Beaches on DVD. Or The Princess Bride.

I am not sure how most of you deal with your "mood issues" with a demanding spouse and children to tend to. I at least can enjoy my misery alone and in peace in my Fortress of Solitude with a sad/funny movie. Now I need to find my Industrial Strength Midol caplets to sprinkle on my bowl of cookie dough ice cream.

KCG Rick


Alicen said...

Thanks for the laugh, I needed it!
My favorite part was "it's not albertson's fault I'm in a bad mood" I often get cranky doing this, but the high of the deals is worth it in the end.

Niki said...
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Niki said...

It is truly a good high getting these deals, I must admit. On a rare occasion my husband went with me today. After three transactions I paid $35.71, and got:

50 cans of Pork and Beans
26 Healthy choice Entrees
6 bagelfuls
10 Kraft Dressings
12 Crystal Light drink mixes
....and I have $10 catalina for next week.

My husband is a BELIEVER! AMEN BROTHER! He said "Wow, where's the cops?"

hehe. Men.

PS...I took Heather's advice and asked for a special order on Thursday for the pork and beans. My store manager was SO GRATEFUL. He hates the shelves being cleared first thing in the morning of every sale, and asked me to spread the word that they are usually HAPPY to get special orders. He ordered me the 2 cases, and I was able to pick them up, still shrink wrapped, and all was good with the world.

April 25, 2009 4:57 PM

Blue said...

i'm interested in the Pork&Beans deal. So what's the best way to get them on the cheap? is there a coupon, or is it a catalina? i did the cereal deal a couple weeks ago by following directions here, and was very grateful for your guidance. (6 boxes per transaction, wait for catalina, ring up next 6, lather rinse repeat). would love to know what recipe to follow in this case.

thanks for the write up KCG.

~blue, who really COULD use a midol today. (coupon for it, anyone?)

Amy said...

Thanks for the laugh. :)

Rachel said...

do the store managers usually know about deals like this one, $4 off instantly when you spend $10? I went to albertsons today (im a coupon newbie) and asked and they had no idea what i was talking about? so I didnt do it. but now im wondering if it would have worked. hmmmm.

catalina said...

Like the "Country Song", lol

Hopefully the honeymoon is not over, because I would miss your posts :(

Sara said...


Weird that the manager didn't know. But yes, it will comes of automatically on the register.....the cashier doesn't have to do anything....just be sure to check your receipt afterwards to make sure there is a $4 credit.

Rachel said...

Thank you Sara. I asked several managers and the last guy was a director of some sort. weird they didnt know? now im so bummed i didnt try! may have to sneak out again today :) thanks!

The Lee Family said...

Ill be sad if honeymoon is over...I need a laugh and look forward to your posts!

PHOTOBEC said...

Thanks for your posts. They really keep me laughing!

Jen said...

You are an excellent writer! You are doing a great job.
I was recently told by a male friend of mine...
"Its not PMS its SRH....Sperm Retention Headache"