Thursday, April 23, 2009

Krazy Coupon Guy: Secret Identity Compromised!

Dear Krazies,

I didn't intend to buy anything while scouting out the stores today, but had a coupon that worked for Walgreens and three that worked for Albertson's. Nothing seemed to work at Fred Meyers but I felt I needed to check out the aisles for future reference.

The Walgreens purchase of Edge Gel and Mitchum Deodorant (w/ $.75 coup) cost $5.59 and returned $5.00 in RR's. So, OOP of $.59.

The Albertson's in TF had some of their Cooking Soups on sale for $.50 a can, so with my 2 - $1/2 coupons I printed from the KCL website link, the 4 soups were free. I had a couple of coupons for the crackers: 1 - BOGO for the Artisan crackers and 1 - $1.00/2 for some of the others. And, there was a special that if I spent $10.00 on the crackers I got $4.00 back. I asked my cashier to verify if this meant a credit would show on the receipt or a Catalina would print. She thought a Catalina would print - which didn't. So, to CS who were as confused as the cashier and I, and who gave me $4.24 cash back instead of a $4.00 Catalina.

The scanned receipt from Albertson's should really show $17.32, Total Savings of $24.36, and $4.24 (cash back instead of a Catalina). This would mean an OOP of $13.08. Not great but okay. I didn't have coupons for the garbanzo beans but wanted some for the many salads I have been eating because of my great salad dressing purchases. And the $.68 Power Bars help keep me focused when I am too focused on shopping instead of eating.

On a different note, I was "Outed" at Albertson's today. Or at least "recognized" because of my buying habits by a reader of your web site. While I didn't get her name, she guessed mine. If you are the observant shopper who saw through my civilian disguise (I did not have my cape on today), please respect the code of Super Krazy Coupon Guys and don't report my true identity to the press or the evil retail establishment who may want to thwart the efforts of Krazy Coupon Guys everywhere!

Also, with the advent of cell phones and the dearth of phone booths, it is becoming increasingly difficult to change from civilian into KCG attire. So, if you see me ducking into the walk-in beer cooler, or behind the stacked pallets of weekly specials, or the special sale racks in the alcove by the meat department, please turn away as I often have difficulty knowing where to hang my different changes of clothes while undressing and redressing.

It would be so much quicker to keep my KCG uniform and cape on at all times and simply wear my rumpled raincoat. Quicker, perhaps, but prone to other constraints as nosy passersby report me to the local gendarms who are not as familiar with my couponing duties as those good readers of this web site.

Now I am up, up, and away to store today's small purchases in my increasingly crowded pantry.



Britt said...

This is great!

Rachel said...

You are almost better than Edward Cullen, KCG! You are setting a new standard for Men and making women laugh hysterically as there no end to your super powers?!

brittm said...

I promise to avoid all eye contact with you ever again. I never should have put you in that awkward situation. It was just so delightful, watching you fumble for your wallet out of your back pocket at the Walgreens checkout. Endearing. I did tell one other TF KCL, but she is now sworn to secrecy. I meant it when I said that my eyes well up with tears of laughter when I read your literary gems.