Sunday, April 19, 2009

Krazy Coupon Guy: Sunday Shopping Report

Dear Krazies,

A short report (more or less) on today's shopping trip.

Went to Albertson's, Lowe's, and Home Depot. Some news for the guys (and gals who want to act like guys or who actually wear the pants in family) regarding Lowe's/Home Depot. The grocery/tool photo shows most of the purchases with the plant photo completing the total for the day. Lowe's and Home Depot will match each others' prices if you bring in the ad. Plus, Lowe's will beat HD's price by 10%. HD - or BORG for you Star Trek fans - might do the same, but I didn't verify. BORG stands for Big Orange Retail Giant. "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile."

Albertson's was good to me today. I checked with CS before shopping to see if they would allow me to use my Walgreens Catalinas as payment. Josh (Asst. Mgr. I think) said "Yes"! So I proceeded with confidence. Confidence and a shopping list. And a calculator. And coupons. When I got to the checkout, the cashier whom I have had the pleasure of her services before (checkout services), said I couldn't use the Catalinas. Josh happened to be near and explained the following: IF it is a Catalina AND it is a Manufacturer's Coupon AND there is an address for Albertson's to send the coupon for reimbursement then Albertson's would accept them regardless of who issued it. My cashier mentioned she had denied an earlier attempt to do the same and was glad to know it could be done. I will be using her services (checkout services) again.

What I didn't buy were items that seemed too high even with coupons (I left the coupons on the shelf next to the products for some lucky, observant person who might use them). I substituted a store brand for an item which turned out to be less expensive even if I had used the coupon I had for the name brand item. So, Albertson's ring according the receipt: Coupons tendered $52.67; OOP $22.32. There was an in-store special of a free 1/2 gal of Silk soy milk up to $3.99 which appeared as a credit on the receipt. Silk was actually on sale for $3.49, resulting in an overage of $.50.

Home Depot had a BOGO sale (Sunday only) for up to 6 veg/herb plants in peat pots (buy 6 get 6). First, I went to Lowe's to see if they would honor the flyer's price (I had the flyer) and they did. So, I got an 18V drill which I had been waiting for to go on sale. Lowe's has a special now that includes a free 18V flashlight ($15.97) with the drill purchase. I needed a knob and hinges to finish the shed door. Plus, I had a 10% off coupon which I got from a Change of Address envelope at my local USPS. Coupon savings and free light at Lowe's: $28.13. So, $154.77 full price vs. $126.64 OOP.

Then to Home Depot to get more plants during their One Day Only sale. $9.17 price paid (plants BOGO) AND less 10% ($.87) with another Lowe's 10% off coupon which they accepted. So, for a total 16 potted plants (tomatoes, peppers, basil) I spent $18.84 with tax.

And, a confession, hint, tip, suggestion on how to get extra coupon inserts. For the last three Sundays in Jerome, I have visited my local Burger King which provides free papers for the diners to read during their fine dining experience. I have my usual - small coffee with one refill - for $1.37 with tax. I then read their Sunday paper, do the crossword in ink (I finish successfully 98% of the time without cheating), and gather up the coupon inserts (only SS for some reason) from the local papers (two copies) plus any store ads that appeal to me. After finishing and refilling my hot BK beverage, I drive across the road and buy a Statesman ($1.59 with tax) from a gas station and head home to peruse and file my treasures.

If in Boise on a Sunday, I go to Starbucks and gather coupon inserts from their used newspaper basket where previous customers have deposited their read papers for subsequent coffee drinkers to enjoy.

So, for all you Sunday church goers, there are some opportunities you may be missing. For you Sunday church goers who don't mind a relaxing coffee and gleaning coupon inserts from your local coffee shops, there is always repentance or denial, depending on your particular take on the whole appropriate things to do/not do on Sunday. Or, who might see you when you go in. It is possible that the gas you would consume to get out of your "sphere of recognition" might be more than the amount you would save by getting more coupons. You can decide.


heidipgale said...

I always feel guilty trying to sneak the coupons out of the newspapers at Starbucks. Good for you!

Synergy Girl said...

Okay...I need some SERIOUS help people..I don't even know what you mean by "Catalina" you offer classes....i swear...

Heather Wheeler said...

We are offering a class on the 28th at 7 pm... use the contact button on the header to email us for more info- or check back sometime tomorrow for a post with all the details. Also, you can use our tab that says coupon basics, and just dive into those!
A Catalina is a coupon that spits out of a box at the register after your transaction is over. Usually it is triggered by something that you buy....
Hope this helps!

E.Daw said...

It has been obvious to me that other people gleen the coupons from local coffee shops as well.

When I use to live nearby Michaels Craft store, I would always consider the fact that their 40 or 50 percent off of one item would be nice for my husband to have in his hot little hands as well.

He is a "closet" Krazie Coupon Guy. So, I would retreat to McDonalds to snatch up the above mentioned coupon and never did they have one. I would then drive to several other area coffee/dining outlets to no avail. There would be all of the regular ads, but the Michael's coupons were somehow always snatched out of the newspapers.

So. I am thinking there are certainly others on the same wave length!

Also, I am not feeling unfeminine or wanting to trade in my pantyhose for an electric drill just yet-BUT wondering if you saw the Lowe's coupons for $10 off a $50 purchase and $20 off a $100 purchase?

This really IS the good life huh!

Coupon Saver said...

hey! I have my own coupon site here wanna try?

Anonymous said...
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Rick said...


Where did you find those Lowe's coupons? I had a $10 off 50 and a $25 off 250 but haven't seen the $20 off 100. My 10% coupons are nice, but 20% would be better. Twice better....