Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Krazy Dental Offer for Idaho Falls !

Weren't all of you out-of-towners jealous when you read about Dr. Clarks's Krazy Dental deal in Boise? I bet it almost made you start calculating how much gas money you'd spend driving here to save all that money on your dental care! Well, for our readers in Eastern Idaho you're in luck. We've just arranged another Krazy Dental Deal for all of you!
Your Idaho Falls, dentists, Dr. Drake and Dr. Jacobson, at
want you to have the smile that you have always wanted at an affordable price! Take advantage of any of these offers, today!!

"Park West Dental was the best dental experience that I have ever had. They were gentle, caring, and have the experience to create beautiful smiles... they have transformed my smile!!" Rebecca, H.


Option 1
*FREE whitening with cleaning and exam! ($99 value)

Or try this one on for size....

*$75 towards any treatment after coming in for cleaning and exam. If you don't need the treatment right away... we will hold on to it until you do!!

Choose which Option works best for you, If you have questions about which is better for your situation, feel free to call their office!

*Come in for a NO CHARGE consultation and receive $50 towards any cosmetic treatment or whitening. No charge, no obligation. Just come in for your free consultation and get $50 credit!!

Limit of one offer per person. Hurry! The offer ends May 15th, 2009!!!

Call today to reserve your appointment!! 208-346-8649 Be sure to mention Krazy Coupon Lady when you call!!

We look forward to serving you!

Park West Dental Care
1088 N. Skyline Dr.
Idaho Falls, ID 83402


Anonymous said...

These Krazy Dental Offers are amazing! Do you think you can find a dental deal like this in the Twin Falls area? That would be SO GREAT! :) :) :)

Joanie Demer said...

Mandy, I hope we can work out a dental deal in your area. If you know any local dentists make sure to give them the blog address and tell them to contact us!

Chatty Natty said...

Hooray...one in my area. I'm calling right away. I've heard great things about Park West Dental!

David said...

Shiny. Glowing. Resplendent. For either professional or private reasons most people would give anything to have such teeth. Expressions such as teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, or laser bleaching have already started to get into the daily vocabulary and become routine activities. Consequently, a dentist appointment, which used to make most people shiver, can now turn into a craved cosmetic dentistry appointment meant to turn teeth into a thing of beauty.

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