Sunday, April 12, 2009

Melting Pot Giveaway Results & Krazy Coupon Guy

Okay- we are so happy that there were so many of you wanting to go to Melting Pot with us. Again, I was so sad we couldn't call and change our reservation to a party of 34!!

The Lucky Winner is Andrea Roche who said
"dibs on chocolate, heather and joanie.

I added the new blinkie."
(Andrea- send us an email so you and a friend can meet up with us downtown on Thurs! I can't wait!)

Thanks to everyone who entered, and played into our silliness! Your comments were all VERY nice and really funny. To say that the following two comments should receive honorable mention is a huge understatement. Listen to this comment/poem from our reader Annie:

Let me tell ya how I feel it shouldn’t take long,
The way I feel about this subject is kinda strong.

All this couponing stuff is quite the display,
I wish I had your knowledge, I’d do it everyday.

I’ve become hooked on the madness, the penny-pinching way,
Even dreaming about coupons all night and all day.

I’m the momma of two little girls, future KCL’s,
They’ll learn the trade of couponing before they learn to spell.

Out of all the money-saving blogs, yours is truly the best.
No other comes close, they need to give it a rest.

I really think you KCL’s are quite ‘da bomb’.
Not to mention, you gals are full-time moms.

You save all kinds of money, it’s almost a game
Your savvy shopping ways put many to shame.

That is the reason, the reason you see,
That a Coupon Krazie is what I wanna be!

How I’d love to dine and dip fondue with you clever gals,
And even if you licked the bowl, I’m sure we could still be pals!

Not to be bested, Krazy Coupon Rick has outdone himself again. We would be doing a GIANT disservice not to repost his comment. This time he's left me speechless. Here it is:

So, I see someone else used the poetry angle. I will add my contributions to the plethora of adulations submitted by the previous sycophants and hope mine ring true to both eye and heart of the gentle reader(s).

Sonnet( XVIII)
Shall I compare thee to a summer's sales day?
Thou art more diligent and more temperate:
Rough economic winds do shake the potato buds of May,
And coupon’s lease hath all too short an expiration date:
Sometime too sharp the eye of my cashier shines,
And often is her shining acceptance dimmed,
And almost every fare from internet declines,
By chance, or lazy shopper's printed sheet remains untrimmed:
But thy eternal savings guidance shall not fade,
Nor will we lose possession of that fare thou offer'st,
Nor shall customer service brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal checkout lines to closing time thou prosper'st,
So long as (wo)men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
My apologies to the Bard and to not having enough time to reconcile the iambic pentameter of the original….

Coupons fill my cart;
Food is more than sustenance,
When savings blossom….

There was a Young Lady who quipped,
No coupon should ‘ere go unclipped;
She often would holler
“I want double dollars!,”
As in the front door she would slip.

Annie and Rick- We had to play fair, and unfortunately neither of you won the giveaway, but we won't be able to sleep nights without showing our thanks for your (how-do-I-say-"overboard"-nicely?) comments. Will you take a rain check on dinner? It won't be The Melting Pot, but we'd love to take you to dinner somewhere else! You deserve free food. Email us!


Sharee said...

How are you going to stop the rest of us krazies from showing up on Thursday night? :)

Could you do an ask questions post/forum for all of us with questions?

andrea.roche said...

WAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This event might even deem worthy of a new outfit!

Carol said...

No apologies to the Bard needed, Rick. Those poems were so fun!