Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MONEY MAKERS at Walgreens

-Are you ready to be confused?!?!?
-Check this out!
-Follow the directions carefully so you are sure to do it right!

Buy 4 Glucose Meter for $14.99 (BUY THEM IN 4 SEPARATE TRANSACTIONS!!!)
Use the (up to) $30/1 from 10/26, 2/1, 3/22
Final Price: FREE
After each transaction a RR will print out for FREE (UP TO) $5.49 Crest ProHealth Toothpaste

Then Buy 4 Crest ProHealth (ALL IN ONE TRANSACTION)
Use the RRs for the FREE Crest
Final Price: FREE
After you buy 4 Crest Toothpastes a $5 RR will Print!!!!!!!!!

Nothing like FREE Money!!

Wondering what you will do with all those Glucose Meters? Donate them to a nursing home, homeless shelter, or a church!

Thanks to my sister Stephanie and her friend Jaelin for figuring this out!!! You Guys Rock!


The See's said...

You could also donate the meters to Humphrey's Diabetes Center in Boise.

Becca said...

Does that work for any crest toothpastes? If I just showed up and bought 4..would I still get $5 back?

Jaelin said...

So, not really. You have to submit your free toothpastes one per transaction. But a bonus, you don't even pay tax!! (at least in Utah) There is not a reward that prints, but there is a rebate of $5 for 4 Crest Pro health (it is the 6 oz. you get for free). It is kind of confusing, and time consuming, but for a great cause!

Heather Wheeler said...

Thanks for clarifing.... Can you help me understand it...
When we buy the toothpastes we need to do them in 4 separate transactions?
Is the rebate an ESR? Or something else?
Why do we do them separetely??
Thanks so much for your help!

Jaelin said...

I tried to buy all four toothpastes using four reward coupons that printed and the computer beeped at her and said only one per transaction. The rebate is an ESR. It's #5 in the catalog for April. I hope that helps! (Both monitos are on sale for $14.99. They weren't marked at our Walgreens, it said they were $59 and $79. So, it's a great deal and worth the extra trips)

Amy Tenney said...

I'm new at this....what does Use the (up to) $30/1 from 10/26, 2/1, 3/22 mean?

Help please! :)