Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More on the Albertson's Preview April 8-14

There are a couple pretty good promo's at Albertson's starting on Wednesday... (remember- I only list what I think is the best deal for the complete list go here

**Kraft/Unilever promo: Spend $25 on participating products, and get FREE meat or seafood instantly, up to $10.** (great time to stock up on meat!!)

All Small 'n Mighty 3x Concentrated Detergent (32 oz.) $3.99
Use this $1/1 printable
Or the $.45/1 from 3/29
Final Price $2.99

Axe Shower Gel $3.99
Use the $1/1 from 4/5
Final Price $2.99

Ben & Jerry's Icecream Cups (3.6 oz.) $1.00
Final Price $1.00

Bertolli dinner for 2 or Dinner Bakes $6.00
Use the $1.25/1 from 3/15
Or this $2/1 printable
Final Price $4.00-4.75

Breyer's Icecream (16 0z) $1.00
Final Price $1.00

Cool Whip whipped topping 8 oz. $1.00
Final Price $1.00

Country Crock side dishes 21-24 oz. $3.99
Use the $1/1 from 4/5
Final Price $2.99

Country Crock Spread $2.50
Use the $.45/1 from 4/5
Final Price $2.05

Crystal Light on the go drink mix 7-10 ct. $2.50
Use the B2G1 from 3/29
Final Price $5/3

Knorr rice or pasta sides $1.00
Use the $75/2 from 4/5 or 1/18
Final Price $1.25/2

Kraft American Singles (Limit 2) $2.00
Final Price $2.00

Lipton Recipe Secrets Dry Soup Mix $1.00
Use the $60/2 from 4/5
Final Price $.70

Nabisco Graham crackers Honey Maid Bees (If this variety is included!) $3.00
Use the $1/2 from 3/1
Final Price $2.50

Wheat Thins Artisan (If this variety is included!) $2.50
Use the B1G1 from 3/15
Final Price $2.50/2

Wheat Thins or Triscuits $2.50
Use the $1/2 from 3/15
Final Price $2.00

Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.00
Final Price $1.00

Planters Big Nut bars or Nabisco 100 calorie granola bars $2.50
Use the $.75/1 from 2/22
Final Price $1.75

Skippy Peanut Butter $2.00
Use the $.40/1 from 4/5
Final Price $1.60

ish-Bone Bountifuls Dressing $2.00
Use the $1/1 from 3/15
Final Price $1.00

The final price on everything in the Unilever promo does not include the $10 off for meat. You can figure that you have free meat for you can take 40% per item (when you buy $25 worth of product). Use the amount listed by the item description to count to $25. Be sure to buy in increments of $25 (so $25, $50, $75- pre tax, and coupons)

*Dannon promo: Save $2 instantly when you spend $10 on participating items.** (the final price reflects the 20% savings and any applicable coupons)

annon Frusion Smoothies 7 oz. $.83
Use the $1/4 from 3/15
Final Price $.42

annon Light & Fit yogurt 6 ct. 4 oz. $2.50
Use the $1/1 from 3/1
Final Price $1.00

annon Danimals drinkables 6 ct. $2.50
Use the $1/1 from 3/1
Final Price $1.00

Dannon Light & Fit yogurt 6 oz. cups $.50
Use the $.60/6 from 3/15
Final Price $.30

Thanks to Pinching your Pennies for compiling the list!


amanda said...

So if you buy $50.00 will it give you $20.00 worth of meat?

The Hendricks ID said...

Do you know if it takes off the 10.00 for meat instantly, or if it is actually 10.00 off meat. Sometimes you don't actually have to buy the meat.

The Hendricks ID said...

sorry don't answer my question I didn't read far enough down. THANK YOU

The Barkers said...

I don't know if it is just me or if the Albertsons deal wasn't a great deal. I did not get an extra ten dollars off after coupons. I spent 25$ before tax and coupons and still ended up spending 15$ So it looks like if I would have got meat I would have actually paid for it. Am I just confused? The Sale price for axe was 3.99 had a 1$ off coupon spent 25$ worth and got no further discount. Which leads me to believe that the 3.99 price is the figured 40% off. Confusing i'm sorry!

Emily C. said...

The Barkers--I've read in the PYP forum that the discount wasn't manually coming off early this morning, so the checkers had to do it manually. If you didn't see it come off, and you are sure you spent $25 BEFORE coupons, then you should have told your checker and they should have taken it off for you manually. You may still be able to bring your receipt to customer service and have them adjust it for you.

I think the registers are fixed now, as I'm hearing reports that the discount is coming off automatically now (both locally in Idaho, and in Utah).

amanda said...

I went and purchased stuff without meat and it did not come off. Tried again with another set of things and with buying meat and it did come off. So I don't think that you can just get the discount. Also they don
't have any in stock of the cooks shank ham. They are hoping tomorrow or Friday. This is a dilemma if you want to buy our items and get the ham to use toward the rebate for a free ham in the paper and get the $10.00 off of it.

Hilmarose said...

At my Albertsons you HAVE to buy the meat also to get the $10 off... my daughter didn't get it without meat but I got it with meat... The cashier rung all my stuff then totaled it without the meat... no discount. Added the meat I got my discount.