Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Multiple Newspaper Subscriptions

I have talked before about how to accumulate coupons, but I thought we should do another go- around. For our original post go here.

So, if any of you are just getting into this couponing craze, you may be wondering if it is really going to be worth it to start subscribing to the Sunday paper!?!? Especially multiple copies!??! Well let me be the first to tell you, YES! In the first month, if not week, you will save enough to pay for the subscriptions! I say, just commit to this new shopping lifestyle and Do It!

Okay, so are you committed yet?

Good. So here are a few ways to get Multiple Subscriptions.

If you are in the Treasure Valley:

I think the best deal is the "Krazy Coupon Lady" Deal that the Idaho Press Tribune is running. For about $14 a month you can have 4 Sunday Papers Delivered (plus 1 paper on weekdays) For an additional cost, you can also get more than 4 papers....
I have spoken with Greg, and it sounds like they are opening it up to a lot of areas in Ada County (Most of Meridian, Star, Kuna and lots of Boise), all of Canyon County, and portions of Gem County. Call Greg directly at 870.2784 for the rest of the details and to see if they will deliver to your area. If they have enough requests for a certain area- they will consider starting a new route!

If the Press Tribune isn't delivering in your area, then call the The Idaho Statesman at 377.6370. They offer a "coupon sense" deal, which is discounted from their normal delivery charge, at $1 per paper, with a minimum of 4 papers... So $4 a week!

Other Great Idaho Deals: (thanks to pyp for the info!)
Idaho Falls
Newspaper: Post Register
Subscription: One daily paper and five Sunday papers
Cost: 20.00
Call: 208-542-6777
or 1-800-574-6397

Newspaper: Idaho State Journal
Subscription: One daily paper and five Sunday papers
Cost: 18.00
(208) 232-6150

Some Utah Info: (again, thanks to pyp)
Newspaper: Standard Examiner
Subscription: One daily paper and either three or five Sunday papers
Cost: 15.49 for three 18.99 a month for five
Call: (801) 625-4400 or (800) 651-2105 or Mike Eames at 801-625-4415

Salt Lake
Newspaper: Salt Lake Tribune
Subscription: One Friday through Sunday paper
Cost: 26 weeks for 26.oo or 52 weeks for 39.00
Contact: 801-204-6100 and use either code 26/26 or 52/39.
Caveats: Offer only available to subscribers who have not subscribed to the Salt Lake Tribune in the last 60 days.

Questions?? Leave a comment and we will try to help you out!


Sara said...

Good morning! I was at the mall yesterday and the Idaho Statesman no longer has their kiosk there. The people at the customer service counter said they usually set up around the holiday season. Do you have any suggestions on how to get the 50 cent deal besides at the kiosk?

Heather Wheeler said...

Thanks Sara! I edited the post, and called The Idaho Statesman.... too bad they discontinued this! Thanks for keeping us current!

Melissa Coates said...

For SLC, UT-- they have $2 bundles on Sunday morning where you can get The SL Tribune and Deseret news.

Personally I only want the Sunday paper... and to be honest, I only want the coupons-- so I just get 2 bundles, which is 4 sets of coupons and call it good.

So for $16 a month I get exactly what I want, and I am not wasting all the daily papers I could careless to read. I can read the news online!

Does anyone know of any better deals for the SLC area on the Sunday paper only??

Niki said...

Idaho Falls Couponers!
As you know, we get shorted, we only get one insert in the Post Register. I wrote a letter to the editor about this and asked that the other inserts be re-introduced. I also called them today and let them know that if they would bring more inserts I would add the Sunday Package to my current subscription. If we all call, maybe they will bring them back? 522-0490 is the listed number.

Carrian said...

I pay 29 for SLTRIBUNE and Desseret. Melissa, hello why didn't I know you coupon? Everytime we are together how have we not talked about this??!!I get the best deal by bargaining with every paper and then calling each one and having them beat the price.

Kathy said...

In Rexburg the Standard Journal has a multiple newspaper subscripton deal too. 11.25/mo. I think!
Give em a call!

Trent and Cherie Hogan said...

If you would like to add the Las Vegas area... Heather Worthen sells the review journal subscriptions, she is a couponing freak here! Check out her blog: or

pand0ra22 said...
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pand0ra22 said...


That's a good deal! Who do you talk to to get the $2 bundles. Any information you can provide is helpful. Thanks!