Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Albertson's Trip!

Thanks to everyone for encouraging me to go to Albertsons!
I took my husband and kids to Albertson's today, and decided to get a few things that are part of the General Mills promo. This sale was so easy! First of all, everything I bought was on sale for 4 for $10... which makes it easy to count, something I always appreciate! Second, on all the cereals there are $1/2 peelies!

So here is what I bought:
-4 Cocoa Puffs
-2 Golden Grahams
-6 Trix
-4 Bisquick
-4 Nature Valley Granola Bars

-Total Before Coupons $50.00
-Then $4 comes off for every $10 spent, So $20 Savings
-Then I used 6 $1/2 Peelies for the Cereal
-4 $.60/1 from 4/5 for the Bisquick
-4 $.50/1 from 3/9 for the Nature Valley

Total After Coupons: $19.60
Total Savings: $30.40


Jilene said...

Heather, can you do your multiple $10 savings in one transaction or do you have to do a separate transaction for each $10 you want to spend?

Martha said...

Jilene, if it is the spend $10 save $4 you're referring to, I was able to do it all at once yesterday without separating. I bought $30 worth and $4 came of 3 times instantly.

forevermoores said...

that's awesome!

I'm new to couponing, where do I get the General Mills coupon??

thanks for all the great tips!!

Anonymous said...

Where can one use the free olan mills protrait coupon in the
Boise area?