Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Target Trip

Check out Heather's post below for lots of Target deals. Here's what I got at Target in Boise on Milwaukee.
The cheetos are $1.29 and I printed $1/1 coupon here
The gerber graduates yogurt melts are $2.99 and I used $3 off coupon here (I had to spend 3 or 4 minutes creating a pledge to get the coupon, but it was worth it for something free!)
Lots of Baby Aveeno items are on clearance on an endcap in the baby section. The shampoos pictured above were $2.54 and I used $2 off coupon.
Last, I still had some $5 off huggies GentleCare coupons (hope you already printed them, cause they're no longer available), but Huggies Gentle Care Sensitive Wipes are on sale for $5.54, so I got these 184ct wipes for only .54 cents each.
The Market Pantry Fruit snacks were $1.52 for the 9 oz package. I couldn't find any smaller packages. This target location didn't have the Dole Salads. See Heathers post below for the rest of the deals.


DK Johnston said...

I also got the Aveeno wash! They had Johnsons baby lotion on clearance for $2.54 as well. After the $.75 Target coupon and the $1/1 MF coupon...I got them for $.79 each. They were the big 20 oz bottles too!! They wouldn't let me use the Target fruit snack coupon on the trial size...but the boxes ended up being $.52 anyway. Not bad!

Joanie Demer said...

Thanks DK Johnston.
The $0.75 off Johnsons coupon is located here

Is the $1/1 Johnsons an IP? The only $1/1 newspaper manufacturer coupon I have for Johnsons is for body care product from 2/22.

DK Johnston said...

Yes, I used IPs. If you go to, click on special offers...there are a bunch of $1/1 printables on the right for baby wash, lotion, shampoo, oil, etc. The wash and shampoo were also on clearance at my Target here in Oregon. Katie also had a post on March 12 about the Johnson buddies soaps...she has a link on there for a $3/3 that will work as well...hope that helps.

DK Johnston said...

I just noticed the Johnsons IPs I printed from the Johnsons website expire today.

DK Johnston said...

One more thing about the Johnsons clearance items. I had a few more $1 off IPs for Johnsons baby stuff and a few of the Johnson Buddies I made another trip to Target last night. They were letting me stack the $1 Johnson Buddies coupons with the Target .75 coupon. So when I bought a buddies soap (only costs $.97)...I was getting overage of $.78 with both coupons. With the overage I got the baby shampoo,wash, and lotion for $.01 each (they were coming out to .79 with both coupons before overage). So I got 6 bottles of Johnsons stuff and 6 buddies soaps for $.06!! Now THAT is a good deal. (hopefully that makes sense)

Its All Good Ya'll said...

Just so you know....I bought the Cheetos snack bags last week with the $1 off coupon. I scored on 10 bags that were hiding near the registers on the bottom shelf. However, I had to ring them up one at a time, but it was worth it!