Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jon Ball Kids

New Polo's from Gap (because we forgot ours at home and didn't have a coupon): $29.99

Bribery in the form of Fruity Overpriced Candy at a Convenience Store (that I could have got for free with coupons): $1.89

More Bribery in the form of Chuck E Cheese's for not making Silly Faces: $25.00

Making these kids:

looks like this:


Visit the Children's Studio at Jon Ball; you won't regret it! Check out their blog for a Mother's Day Giveaway!


The Smiths said...

The boys look adorable. I've been meaning to get my kids' pictures taken for forever. You always motivate me. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

Brittany said...

Absolutely Pricless.

will and tiff said...

that is hilarious! thanks for sharing...they look so sweet and handsome!

Anna said...

So Cute!!!

Rachel said...

as always LOVE Jon Ball are adorable and I LOVE the bribery and the recap...your an inspiration to mothers of kids-who-don't-love-taking-pictures, everywhere.