Saturday, April 25, 2009

One last coupon trip this week

If you've been neglecting this deal, I think it's worth doing after the kids are in bed. Sale ends at closing tonight!
Read how HERE.
This was the best deal I've got in awhile. I did five transactions that all looked like the picture at right. My total was $4.02 each time. I'll submit a rebate and receive $3 back for each transactions (I'll be using 5 different addresses of family and friends since only one rebate per address is allowed.)
So I got 5 packages of Huggies Diapers and 5 Blood Glucose Monitors ($50-80 retail which I will donate) for $5.10 TOTAL (after rebate savings)
Rest assured Krazy Coupon Rick, the honeymoon is over for me too, but sometimes a screaming deal like this one still gets my blood pumping!


Joanna said...

I also took advantage of this deal but I used my $3.00/1 Huggies Pull-ups coupon. My total before tax was $ .99 and OOP was $3.33, if I factor in my $3.00 SCR this brings my total down to .33 CENTS for Pull-ups!

Sweet sweet music to my ears since I have 2 boys in diapers right now.

Thanks KCL!

flowerpower said...

I think we should be trying to be honest. You have posted several times about following the rules but I think that one per address is sort of a rule, they say that for a reason. We shouldn't be abusing things.
I also think since you are the writer on this great blog you should be setting an example of honesty nt just saying we should be honest.
Once you showed a list of things you bought with coupons and ten in perenthesis said I will be returning these. It is not ok to buy somethig with a coupon with full intention to return the item. You can't cash in your coupons.
Also the ohter things I didn't agree with, and actually on another local lite in the comments the ladies were talking about all the dishonesty with couponing and mentioned your post about the Gap shorts. The sale buy one get one half is so you will buy two not with intentiones to return the second. I love your ladies blog and find it the most benificial but I really wouldn't tell us when you are dishonest keep it to yourself if you are going to do it.

Heather Wheeler said...

Flower Power-
I don't understand how you think we weren't following the rules in regards to "one per address". I know that Joanie used 5 different addresses, because one of them was mine. There is no abuse there. Abuse would mean somehow using more than one rebate per address.

Also, while we don't condone returning coupon-ed merchandise, it sometimes happens, and I do not think this is bad at all. The Store you purchased the merchandise from still gets fully reimbursed for the coupons, and most often they can resale what you returned.

sarasmommy said...

I love this site, and I hate to be a downer, but I agree with the previous comment about submitting multiple addresses. I believe this is illegal as well. I guess if you can get other people to submit your receipts under their name and then just give you the money after they cash the rebate check, then there isn't a way to get caught. It does frustrate me to think of people doing this and getting multiple free items when sometimes I can't even get one because the store sold out.
I don't know about the other stuff- I thought stores wouldn't let you return something for full price when you paid half or got it free.

Heather Wheeler said...

I appreciate the discussion... especially when my house is quiet and I need an excuse to not go to bed! :)

As far as I know there is nothing wrong (ethically or legally) with having someone submit for a rebate with their name and address...
And, as you will notice Joanie waited until Saturday night(the last day of the sale), so as to not be a "shelf clearer".

flowerpower said...

I agree that sometimes you have to return something and they are gettng paid for the coupon so you shouldn't feel bad but to post a list of things you bought and then say but I don't really need these I will be returning these items is in fact dishonest. So I think not only shouldn't be done but should not be posted as a krazy koupon deal. I am not trying to be mean because I obsessively check your blog it has helped me and my family I just think it is best to post honest ways to get a deal.

Heather Wheeler said...

I guess I am not sure what you are referring to when you say that we posted about things we specifically wanted to return. I am not sure I have ever intentionally done that...

Again, thanks for being willing to have a discussion!

I am off to bed!

Joanie Demer said...

I guess I shouldn't have gone to bed early last night. Lively discussion:
First: I just sent an email to Rite Aid customer service asking what the policy is and if it's alright to submit multiple rebates to different addresses. I'll let you know how they respond.
Second: I'm not sure what you're referring to about returning 10 items. When I first began as a KCL, I had returned couponed merch on occasion due to regret about overbuying. I don't believe I ever bought with the intent to return. Now that I understand more about couponing I do not ever return merch bought with coupons. Even though I know the store would still be reimbursed (and actually it's a money maker for them if they resell the item I return) I believe it's less than honest to return merch bought with coupons and I never ever do it or advocate it now. I simply donate if it's not something I'll use or if I over stocked and expiration dates are approaching.

ACTUALLY: I just had a thought and a question for you. I'm running out of diapers in my daughter's size from the Albies Pampers sale. I've got 12 packages left in a bigger size. I've been wondering if it's ethical to take a package in and ask to exchange sizes. I would like your or anyone's opinion on whether or not this would be honest.

Third: The BOGO shorts is going on again at Gap right now. I didn't post about it on KCL, but I did just speak on the phone with Gap customer service. You can do the same. They said they realize with this sale that people return one pair and keep the half off pair and they are fine with it. They said they used to have the systems ring 25% off each pair instead of 50% off one pair. But they changed it well aware of the result. In-store policy could vary, as it does using multiple coupons at Gap. Online allows up to 5 coupon codes and in store allows only one coupon. That being said I didn't buy any bogo shorts to return this year. I got a couple pair of sweat shorts for my son that we're keeping.

I haven't seen you gals around KCL before, who are ya? Are you locals? We'd love to have you come to our class Tuesday and we could discuss any of this with the class. Coupon Ethics will be covered in depth as it's an important piece of learning. (One where I clearly made missteps when I was a newbie) I do my very best to be honest in my dealings. I have made missteps in the past, but I am proud of the way I conduct myself as a Krazy Coupon Lady. I always try to investigate and learn the rules, and then play by them. I advocate only the same on KCL.
I'll be sure to let you know what I hear from Rite Aid.

andrea.roche said...

oh. my. word.

Joanie and Heather. Again, I say, you two are class acts. And I know that for a fact.

Now repent for stealing diapers from Rite Aid. legally. ;)

Joanie, I want to know exactly how u did this. I tried and it didn't work right. Treyson needs diapers. He's sick of running around naked.

andrea.roche said...
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andrea.roche said...

sorry...i'm still spilling over this deal. Joanie. whats the $40 rebate on the package I see?

Heather Wheeler said...

Andrea! You are so sweet! Thanks for being so great! We love you!

Joanie Demer said...

Andrea, I love you! Thanks for your kind words. Krazy $40 rebate huh? I'm not planning to file it because I didn't pay for the meter in the fist place and if the manufacturer paid me the $40 rebate and reimbursed Rite aid for my $30 coupon, they'd be losing money. I believe I could file if I wanted. Thanks for letting me show an instance where I believe I'm doing the honest thing and playing by ALL the rules so that no companies are suffering due to my lack of morals. . .

KMD400 said...

I am relatively new to KLC. I follow your blog religiously. However, as I am learning the whole "game" of couponing, I have also become aware of ethical issues as well as just plain annoyances.

First of all, I realize how easily couponing can become an obession, especially in our current economy. But, I am reading and seeing more examples of people being gluttonous. I understand that many or your readers are clearing the shelves in the name of food storage, but really...

Crazy coupon guy- tampons and maxi pads? Get real. Donate them to a woman's shelter and I will have more respect for you. There is no way that you can "tactfully" give them to one of your female friends without coming off as creepy.

Blood pressure readers and glucose meters- before clearing the shelves of these products, please ask yourself- "do I medically need these products?"

I went to a yardsale in Eagle last weekend where I was partly appalled and partly amazed with their entrepreneurialism. Bins and bins full of coupon purchased items (Huggies diapers, venus razors, shave gel, etc). I guess good for you for turning a profit.

Thanks for letting me rant. I guess leave some for the rest of us that want to score a good deal on A razor.

SouthfieldFam said...

I have just recently become a KCL and I have to say that I have been nothing but impressed with not only your ethics, but also that you choose to teach us newbies how to be ethical as well. There are mistakes I would have made that have been avoided because of your constant effort to point out different stores policies so that we can abide by them! THANK YOU for the work you do and for sharing it so that others may benefit from couponing as well. Those who think you are less than ethical should simply not look at your blog anymore and do all the footwork themselves instead of benefiting from your time and then choosing to accuse you of that which you are not doing. Keep up the good work!

The Barkers said...

Thought I would put in my opinion!
First: I do not think that you should take back things that you have gotten with coupons. I have NEVER read about you guys intentionally doing so.
Second: They are donating the glucose meter!! I don't know of ANY of these ladies saying they purchased them and are just going to let them sit and take up space in their houses!
Third: One per address. So they gave five different addresses. Say they had five different people all go in and purchase the items FOR them. Wouldn't that be just the same as using the addresses with the peoples permission and saving all those people a trip? At the same time saving money,and being able to donate? I surely don't understand the problem.
So with that said, I don't think you ladies are doing ANYTHING wrong! I agree. If you don't like they are smart,organized,and nice couponers. Don't do it or don't read the blog! I think you ladies are doing a great job. I get a little defensive when I hear people have a problem with you guys:)

The Barkers said...

Sorry, me again! About the krazy coupon dude! I'm sure it was for a laugh saying he would give the panty liners to his female friends as gifts! He may be scoring deals for family memebers,friends,ect. If he really is buying them and letting them take up space,I can see that not being ok. I doubt he is though. I don't know a male who would want those laying around th house:)
I just read the post about the yard sale. I do think that is ridiculous. Of course this is just an opinion.
We are buying a lot to save a lot, and purchasing a lot of items to stock up to save us future trips. It is annoying when you have gone multiple times to the store and they are out.Eventually they will be out of stock though.It is easy to blame it on these people who are selling it at a garage sale. We do not know that for a fact. I am going to pretend like they don't! All we can hope is that people are thinking of others and not purchasing ten razors just to be selfish and sell them. I like to think as everyone on here as family. Most of us are here for the same reasons! Lets treat eachother and the system with respect!! Again, you all do a great job and those of you I have met in the check out line have been awesome as well!

KMD400 said...

I have nothing but respect for you ladies. Kudos to you for having the time, energy, and savvy to find and post these deals. Thank you for all your help.

My comments were based on posts and observations on this site as well as others. I was not "attacking" the KC leaders. They have done a wonderful job in pointing out store policies.

I guess I don't see the point in "clearing" an item from the shelf or even buying an item in mass quantities not because you need it, but because it is a good deal. I myself have had to learn to exercise restraint. But, I guess to each their own.

This is my opinion and you don't have to agree. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone.

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

I think that the best thing to do is to ask yourself "how does the manufacturer/retail store, etc" intend for this coupon/deal/sale to work? I feel best about a deal when I know I am playing by the rules and rocked the savings! (and I LOVE feeling good about a deal!)I hate the feeling I get when I have tried to push the boundaries of how the deal was intended to work...does that make sense? I think moderation is key. I learned a long time ago that there is always another great deal coming down the pipes... always. Thanks for the open debate...I think it is important!!

***Oh! The yardsale in Eagle...saw it...1000s of Walgreens "free"coupons deals... that just wasn't right and in no way what Manufacturers/Stores intend...that is the stuff that will shut down our beloved couponing *gasp!* That person is the reason the shelves are clear when you go in to get your RR deals. not cool.

Joanie Demer said...

Southfield Fam and the Barkers,
I want to send you a big hug. I honestly can not tell you what it means to have you leave comments like these. I'm trying my best to CTR here and it was a downer to wake up to these comments this morning. I just got home from church and saw the comment number way up and got so nervous. You just made my day. Thank you for standing up for KCL and for me!

1. Regarding Clearing the Shelves: If you read KCL you will see that we always advocate calling ahead and ordering in product if you intend to buy in large quantity. Not only is it polite, but it saves you the headache of having to get to the store first.
2. I can't speak for KCG, but didn't he only buy a few pads? I'm sure he'll give them to someone. Even if he didn't and he used them to clean his windows, I don't even begin to see how anyone could think there was anything wasteful or unethical about it. I'm sure his intent was not to buy them and toss them in the trash.
3. Blood Glucose monitors. I'm donating these to a senior center. . . I bought 5 and left probably 15 more on the shelf. I shopped this sale on the afternoon of the LAST day it ran. Clearly I wasn't trying to steal anyone else's products.
4. I want to go to that yardsale in Eagle. I'd received an email in the KCL inbox about it once. Who wants to go with me? I'd like to talk to her/him about how she/he does it. Is she/he a shelf clearer? Does she/he order ahead? I'd like to see her take on whether or not she/he thinks it's an honest practice.
Since I don't know how the seller purchases the goods, I'm not going to pass judgment. I swear neither Heather or I are or know who is the Eagle yardsaler. Heather lives in Emmett and I live in Boise. We're not posh enough for Eagle. . . :)
KMD400, I'm not offended by your comment and I hope you're not offended at my response.

I don't love it, but part of me likes my integrity being called into question because it gives me opportunity to reflect on my actions and make sure I'm making correct choices. I truly like a good ethics discussion and I think there are many to be had when it comes to using coupons. If Heather and I didn't like a good heated discussion she could have just deleted the comments left by the reader(s) who created a profile just to criticize last night.
I like how you phrased, "how does the manufac/store intend for the sale to work" good points people!

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

Oh gosh...regarding the Eagle yard sale...I hope that I didn't pass judgement, actually, I think I did... (good point on that ) ... the only reason that I figured that is when I was leaving a neighbor of the YS said to me that the gals having the sale were diehard coupon shoppers/savers. (and then another person added...or really good shoplifters, lol!) ... so, my bad if that was false info. I wish I had taken a was way more than Walgreens EVER has in stock, lol!! Maybe I should have asked if they would take coupons?!happy day gals! KL

sarasmommy said...

Yes, I just created a profile last night. I did not create a profile "just to criticize," I did it to engage in a "heated discussion." Most rebates are limited to one per household. One household submitting multiple rebates using different addresses is mail fraud. I would not feel comfortable doing this, but if others want to that is their business.
I almost didn't post this because I don't want to come across as critical again, but after reading that comment about "created a profile just to criticize" I just felt the need to defend myself and explain where I am coming from.

E.Daw said...

Not that it makes a huge difference but to add my 10 cents...

I agree with the analogy regarding using different addresses to submit rebates. It wouldn't make sense to have five different people to go to the store to purchase five different transactions! Five transactions doesn't seem over-the-top to me. Especially at the sales end! How many times has anyone here stood in line and had their husband in line behind them to purchase an item that was limited quantities! I really don't see a difference.

From what I have read on this blog, these ladies are not the shelf clearing gals that are irritating some of you! Please be aware that there are MANY other savings/couponing blogs that don't have as much of a conscience. I know for a fact that one other blog in particular suggested SELLING the Bayer meters on EBAY! I have read how to "cheat" different internet retailers by using multiple codes or codes intended for one person only. These gals are not THAT Krazy. That is something I appreciate!

These girls are advocates of "paying it forward" and donating unused items! I don't think that should be something we should put down! Their time and efforts are going towards a good cause when at all possible! That is commendable! They are being frugal and setting a good example for their children.

I had a hard time with the the word stockpiling at first. I thought of gluttony also. I asked my friends and they suggested that saving extra money would help me to help others and it is SO true!! I have been able to donate items that I wouldn't otherwise use. AND have extra items to put in the Food Bank bins. There are some items that I actually COULD use but have decided that since it was such a good deal to donate some of my loot. These are wonderful opportunities for our own families and also to help others out as well.

And COME ON! Ricks comments--you have to read between the lines here. His witty satirical musings are just that! I honestly don't know if he even purchased the maxi pads or if he was poking fun at the situation to make his writing reflect his sarcasm.

I think you gals are doing a good job and hope that you keep it up! Again-just my own opinion

Kristalyn said...

I went to Rite Aid around 5 pm on Saturday with the intent to do the glucose monitor deal. My father-in-law has diabetes and I was going to give it to him. I was very frustrated to see that they were all sold out and to hear the clerk say some lady had just come in and taken the last 5 using her coupons. Just because it's Saturday afternoon doesn't mean that someone else won't want to come in on Saturday night and purchase the product. I know you said you left some on the shelves. I wish other people had the same consideration.

Heather Wheeler said...

Kristalyn- You are in luck! This week at Walgreens when you buy a Glucose Monitoring System for $14.99 you get a $5 RR! An even better deal. Go early so you don't miss out!

Joanie Demer said...

Thanks for explaining yourself. I'm doing my best to investigate and stay honest in my couponing. If you have a problem in the future, perhaps you could send KCL an email.
Thanks for your comments and your defense! Love you!
Sorry you didn't get your meters. The secret, for me is not to shop in Meridian! The store at 15th and State in Boise is loaded and doesn't get many couponers

To Everybody regarding shelf clearing: I'm going to do a post on this issue this week because I like to hear points of view. But the fact is Couponing is a majorly on the rise. Regardless of what we and other blogs advocate, the fact is that shelves are going to be cleared sometimes. If you want to get the merchandise, take the initiative and get to the store early or be on the ball and call your store to have them set items aside or order them in for you. I think if Albies did another pampers sale and you waited until the last day and then complained there aren't any diapers left for you, you're just playing the victim. This happens to me still and I have to drive around to different locations to find what I'm looking for if I haven't shopped early.

One more word on Rite Aid: Don't anyone tell, but I've never submitted a rebate through Rite Aid before, this was my first time! So I've never submitted multiple rebates, I've just been told by many of my Rite Aid pro friends that they always submit multiples. I've still got my receipts from these transactions waiting by the computer. I won't be submitting them until I hear back from customer service. I'll keep you all apprised. (I heard that Rite Aid is on the top of the list for companies that are sure to fail in 2009. So I'm not sure how quickly I can expect a response)
Anyway, hope you'll all weigh in this week when we do a post on shelf clearing and the maybe even the Eagle yard-saler!