Friday, April 3, 2009

Our First "Krazy Coupon Guy" Joins the KCL Ranks

(thanks Rick- for letting us share this with our readers)

Dear Krazy Lady(s):

While not a lady (me) and not as krazy as you and others seem to be on your site, I thought I might share the results of my trips to three stores today.

The attached photo shows purchases at Albertson’s, Walgreens, and Target.

At Albertson’s, I bought 11 boxes of Trail Mix cereal and 2 boxes of crackers (in-store sale of 2/$5.00). I had 11 - $2.00 off coupons for the Trail Mix cereal and a $5.00 Catalina from a previous trip. After every thing rang up (3 transactions) I paid OOP $2.20 for these items. Sadly, but I don’t care at this point, I forgot to gather my $.50 change from the little change bowl after the final sale. After all this, I received 2 - $5.00 Catalinas from the cereal purchases. The receipts indicated I “saved” $64.20 and paid $2.20 (most of which was sales tax). The cashier had obviously done this before as she divided up the purchase to maximize the Catalinas without me asking.

At Walgreens, I had a Catalina for a free body wash and a $2.00 Catalina for other stuff. I got the “free” body wash and miscalculated prices on the baking soda and dish soap (using in-store coupons for both items), so I had to buy some candy for a total of $1.41 OOP for these 4 items (and the candy). No extra Catalinas at Walgreen with this visit. ($3.99+$1.00+$.99+$1.00)+tax=$7.40: $7.40-$3.99-$2.00=$1.41

At Target, I actually went in for the $1.00 of a bagged salad, but in Twin Falls, Target does not carry salad. So, I used 3 - $1.00 coupons for the Cheetos for which I paid $.92 for the 3 bags. Sales tax after discount. Saved $3.18 (with tax).

All told, my total OOP for the 3 stores was $2.70+$1.41+$.98=$5.09 which SHOULD have been $4.59! I don’t care too much about the lost $.50 just thinking how excited the next person probably was with their windfall. Factoring in the $10.00 Catalinas from Albertson’s, my net total for the whole trip is $4.91 in my pocket. I keep looking over my shoulder wondering where the police are. This is better than printing money and is legal too.

So, if I am doing my math correctly, the total for the “normal” prices for all the items was $66.40+$7.40+$4.10=$77.90. My OOP was -$4.91 (including the lost .50) after the Catalinas. I know I am repeating myself, but it still seems amazing.

Thanks for all the tips and links on your website. Despite not being krazy (yet) nor a lady (ever), I find I am enjoying the savings game more than I thought I would.



Brooke said...

That is awesome! I took my husband with me last night after he printed as many of those Trail Mix cereal coupons as he could at work. He was SO excited about it, LOL. Sadly, they were out of Trail Mix cerael, but he was still excited about the Catalina deal. :)

Chris and Kat said...

WOW! That is fantastic and you said it was your first trip!!! GREAT JOB! Welcome to the coupon world and you will be Krazy before you know it!!!

Emily and Ethan said...

I am so confused what is the catalina deal? Are you talking about the dressing? I am new to all of this and I am trying to figure it out. I am so impressed, thanks for shareing you deals!

Damocles said...

Actually, this was my first trip to see how hard I could squeeze a coupon and maximize savings. I had some Catalinas and other coupons earlier and just felt lucky when I had a coupon for what I wanted.

This time I made a point of researching what was on sale, who had what in-store coupons available, and made sure I took the coupons with me in some type of organized fashion.

I mapped the route through town to minimize miles and combined the shopping trip to coincide with a trip to see a niece perform at CSI that evening to avoid an extra trip.

I think I can do better and will let you know what results I achieve. Hopefully, as I become more proficient, my man-hours (and they really are MAN- hours) will decrease each week as I streamline the research and collection of coupons/sales and the amassing of weekly coupon packets.

alysia said...

Way to go Rick! I'm going to tell my husband that you did it, so he can too. He loves all the deals I get, but says that he won't coupon ever again (I sent him to Albies and he hadn't really done coupons before, so he was SOO confused and got some wrong products, etc., and then didn't get the catalina back, and I was mad at him cause he did it wrong :)

Emily and Ethan, the Catalina is the coupon that prints out of the little machine (NOT the receipt) by the cash register. So, for this deal at Albertsons is that you buy 5 boxes of Post cereal (only certain ones...they'll have them on display at the store), pay $2.07 per box, but then for every 2 boxes you buy, you get $1 automatic discounts taken off your bill, then after you buy 5 boxes, pay for your order and you will get a $5.00 off coupon that prints out of the "catalina" machine. If you want to buy more cereal, you can buy another 5 and then use your $5 off catalina you just got...and so on and so forth. So, in essence, you pay 10.35 (2.07 per box) for 5 boxes of cereal, get $2 taken off automatically, then you get a $5 off coupon at the end, which would mean that you pay $3.35 for 5 boxes of cereal (factoring in the's just like cash...but you'll have to pay the $5 out of pocket on the first order, so the first order will be $8.35..but you'll still go home with your last catalina as well). That ends up being 67 cents a box! Wahoo! Hope that made sense...

MacLerran Family said...

Way to go Rick! It's good to see other Guys out there - My wife and I work as a team - and we enjoy all the good deals we have gotten since January 2009 (when we really got serious about Couponing!)

Dan and Margaret