Monday, April 20, 2009

Redbox Code

Well, here is your new Redbox Code
Valid today, Monday April 20th
Be sure to return movie before 9pm on Tuesday
to avoid being charged a late fee...
I'm hoping to get Yes Man today,
Has anyone seen it?


Dean Family said...

it really wasn't that great. i thought it would be better, i kept waiting. :(

Brittany said...

It was entertaining but I'm not a huge Jim Carey fan. We really liked Doubt and Bedtime Stories. And a huge shocker for me (because I don't like animal movies) was Marley and Me. It was really good.


will and tiff said...

for some reason in the last week we have been mad movie watchers...we saw Yes Man, Marley and Me and Seven Pounds. We LOVE Jim Carrey and it was good, but it was a bit odd as well...still got a few good laughs out of it - which is always good. LOVED Marley and Me...and enjoyed Seven Pounds, although again - it was a different movie :>

happy movie watching! love redbox.

Barry Newman said...

Yes man was funny although crude (typical jim carrey). if you have clear play it is a great movie edited.

E. Poole said...

We watched Yes Man last week and I wouldn't recommend it - a typical Jim Carey with crude humor - or what is supposed to be humor. How do you find out what the Red Box codes are? Thanks for passing them along!

PinkJamie said...

I really liked Yes Man! I can't really recommend Doubt as it was quite uncomfortable but I can also second Bedtime Stories.