Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Restaurant.com 70% OFF

Enter the Code FEAST at checkout to save 70% on gift certificates.
When dining, a minimum purchase required- usually $35 when using a $25 gift certificate.
Offer ends Monday April 20, 2009

Here is how it works:
-Go to restaurant.com and enter your zipcode
-Select which restaurant(s) you want to purchase a certificate for
-Click Add to Cart
-Enter Discount Code (feast) in the top right and select apply
-Then Proceed to Checkout!
-The best part is, you can Checkout, Print the Certificate from your Computer,
and Get in the Car and Go to Dinner!! It's Instant!
-Go to our Restaurant Reviews Tab under the header- to see the reviews that we have done so far. (or just click here).
-We'll have 2 more to add this week, so check back!)

Still have questions?? (Don't worry I was REALLY hesitant to try this too) Leave a comment and we'll help you out!


Grant and Christine said...

I have just recently begun reading your blog and I love it! I did see a good deal for the pizza place inside of WinCo when I was there yesterday.(Boise location) Their pizzas are 1/2 off on tax day, tomorrow. Any pizza on their menu. Final price would be $5-$7 for their large. Their pizza is good! I would bet it is at every location but you'd have to check. Hope someone can enjoy it!

Taresa said...

Meridian WINCO is also doing 50% off pizza tomorrow! Hope this helps someone!

don said...

do these restaurant GCs expire?

Joanie Demer said...

Don, They are good for one year after purchase date. Thanks!